Beginning in Fall 2013, all Latin honors at Tulane are awarded on the basis of GPA alone. (The Honors Thesis and Honors courses are no longer be required for high Latin honors.) Students achieving GPA in the top 30% of the class will receive Latin honors according to the following:

Summa cum laude = top 5% of the class.
Magna cum laude = next 10% of the class.
Cum laude = next 15% of the class.

The precise GPA standards will be calculated based on the grades of the previous class; these standards will be advertised to students each the summer. For graduation in 2014, the GPA standards will be as follows:

Summa cum laude = 3.900
Magna cum laude = 3.800
Cum laude = 3.400 (for continuing students)

Students who matriculated at Tulane before Fall 2013 will have the option of achieving high Latin honors either under the new rules or under the rules that were in place before this Spring. They will be eligible to receive Summa and Magna under the old GPA standards (3.800 for Summa and 3.600 for Magna), provided they have completed the requirements of the Honors Program, including the required number of honors courses or equivalents (one honors course per year), and a two-semester honors thesis or Business case study. The standard for Cum Laude for students who matriculated before Fall 2013 will remain 3.400.

Honors students are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher. Students admitted into the Honors Program at the beginning of the freshman year will not be removed from the Program during their freshmen and sophomore years as long as they maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.6. Students who do not have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 at the end of the sophomore year will be removed at that time.

Honors course requirements can be met in the following ways:
  1. Designated Honors courses in departments and interdisciplinary Honors Colloquia.

  2. Honors option: This is a mechanism whereby a non-honors course may be counted towards the honors course requirement. Students negotiate with instructors to enhance the course in some way, typically (but not exclusively) by adding some significant reading and writing component, and then petition to the Director of the Honors Program to receive honors credit for the enhanced course. Credit will be typically be given only in courses at the 3000 level or above, except in cases where a student’s major does not currently offer honors courses. (For example, some freshmen have used the honors option effectively to enhance 1000-level courses in the chemical and biological sciences as a way to develop greater sophistication in anticipation of majoring in those fields.)

  3. Certain specific courses in chemistry: Chem 3830-3840, 3110 and 3120.

  4. Select Junior Year Abroad programs. More information can be found here.

  5. Independent studies of three credits (class numbers 4910 or 4920).

  6. Graduate courses.

    Graduating with Honors

    Students who complete Honors Theses will graduate “with honors in” the major or majors in which they write the thesis, in addition to any Latin honors. The Honors Thesis remains Tulane’s principle way of recognizing achievement in undergraduate research and scholarship. The thesis is a substantive accomplishment that speaks more eloquently to a student’s academic and scholarly credentials than GPA/Latin Honors alone. Apart from the merits of the intellectual experience, the thesis is also a significant credential--a clear way of demonstrating to graduate schools and future employers that you are capable of independent research.

    In order to be eligible to write an honors thesis, a student must have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.400 or higher, and a cumulative major GPA of 3.500 or higher. Seniors intending to write an honors thesis in the coming year must submit a prospectus to the Honors Program by September 9.


Applications for 2015 Honors Summer Research Now Available  
3/5/2015  We are pleased to announce the Honors Summer Research application is now available.  [more...]

Applications for the 2015 Jean Danielson Memorial Scholarship now available  
3/3/2015  “Dean Jean,” as Dr. Jean Danielson was affectionately known, devoted her career to teaching and mentoring honors students as they sought challenging opportunities inside and outside the classroom.  [more...]

Be a Tulane Scholar  
8/28/2014  Applications are available now for the Tulane Scholars Program, which will offer a select group of intellectually ambitious students a structure within which to pursue their scholarly interests, and a community of students who are intellectually curious and reflective about their educational and career goals.  [more...]

2014 Jean Danielson Scholars Announced  
5/29/2014  The Danielson Memorial Scholarship Fund, established in the memory of Dean Jean Danielson continues her mission: to help undergraduates figure out what they want to do in the world, and to start them on the path.

The two Danielson Scholars selected for 2014 are Zoe Krulak-Palmer and Juliana Stricklen.  [more...]

Summer Research Grants Awarded for 2014  
5/29/2014  Fourteen students were awarded Newcomb Tulane College Honors Program Summer Research grants to allow them to stay on campus for six weeks to conduct research  [more...]

2013 Jean Danielson Scholars Research Projects  
8/4/2013   [more...]

A Record Year for Scholarships  
8/1/2013  2013 was a record year for Tulane success in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Of the 13 Tulane students offered Fulbright awards this year, eight were current and recent graduates of the Honors Program.  [more...]

Summer Research Grants Awarded  
8/1/2013  Thirteen students were awarded Newcomb Tulane College Honors Program Summer Research grants to allow them to stay on campus for six weeks to conduct research  [more...]

Changes to Requirements for Latin Honors Announced  
6/20/2013  Beginning in Fall 2013, all Latin honors at Tulane will be awarded on the basis of GPA alone  [more...]

Summer Research Grants Awarded  
12/14/2012  Ten students were awarded Newcomb Tulane College Honors Program Summer Research grants to allow them to stay on campus for six weeks to conduct research  [more...]

A Good Year for Scholarships  
12/13/2012  Tulane undergraduates aggressively pursued scholarships in 2011-12, with honors students leading the way.  [more...]

Jean Danielson Scholars 2012 Travel to Rome and England  
12/13/2012   [more...]

Janet Ruscher Named 2012 Honors Professor of the Year  
10/31/2012  We are pleased to announce that Janet Ruscher, Professor of Psychology has been named the 2012 Honors Professor of the Year.  [more...]

The Future of Nuclear Weapons with Dr.Jim Walsh on Wednesday, April 18th  
4/17/2012   [more...]

2012 Jean Danielson Memorial Scolarship  
3/20/2012  The Honors Program invites you to apply for the Jean Danielson Memorial Scholarship  [more...]

Christopher L. Clark Awarded Fulbright Scholarship, Chile 2011  
6/13/2011  Christopher L. Clark has been awarded a grant from the Fulbright U.S. Student Program for research in Chile in 2011-2012.  [more...]

Jean Danielson Memorial Scholars Announced  
6/3/2011  India, Tanzania, and Washington, D.C. are the destinations of the three inaugural Jean Danielson Memorial Scholars.  [more...]

Christopher Fettweis named Honors Professor of the Year  
5/24/2011  We are pleased to announce that Christopher Fettweis, Assistant Professor of Political Science, has been named the 2011 Honors Professor of the Year.  [more...]

Summer Research Grants Awarded  
5/24/2011  Nine students were awarded Newcomb Tulane College Honors Program Summer Research Grants to allow them to stay on campus for six weeks to conduct research.  [more...]

Establishment of the Jean Danielson Memorial Fund  
2/1/2011  Dean Jean Danielson left an indelible mark on the lives of many students as well as faculty colleagues.  [more...]

Sophomore Honors Community at Weatherhead Hall to open in Fall 2011  
1/19/2011  Sophomore Honors Community at Weatherhead Hall, also known as "SoHo," will open its doors to sophomore undergraduates in the fall of 2011.  [more...]

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