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2014 Thesis Writers

Erin Albert (Psychology)
“Present-Mindedness or Thought Suppression: The Effects on Performance After Failure”
(Ruscher, Wyland)

Skye Anderson (Linguistics)
“Authorship Analysis: Investigating Codeswitching in Arabic Blogs”
(Orie, Maxwell)

Mallory Avery (Economics)
“The Effect of Fear on Advertising for Charitable Donations”
(Sheffrin, Barbieri)

Madison Baker (Architecture)
“Multi-Surface, Collective Purpose”
(Roser Gray, Kinnard)

Emily Balcke (Buisness Case Study)
“Managing Quality in a Global Supply Chain”
(Wilson, Biteman)

Keith Bedney (Anthropology)
“The Effectiveness of Trepanation in Pre-Columbian Andean Cultures for Treating Neurological and Psychological Disorders”
(Holliday, Nesbitt)

Matthew Behrens (Music)
"The Social Currents of Contemporary West African Griots and the Kora”
(Sharp, Sakakeeny)

Julia Berkey (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“Bridging the Gap Between Preference and Choice: Using Pedigree Data to Understand Mating Behavior in a Polymorphic Frog”
(Richards-Zawacki, Derryberry)

Marianna Brady (English)
“Post-9/11 Lierary Representations of Muslim Masculinities and Femininities”
(Nair, Lightweis-Goff)

Claire Burns (Psychology)
“Social Learning through Imitation in Toddlers”
(Lockman, Varela)

Jessica Callahan (Linguistics and Gender and Sexuality Studies)
“Queering Discourse: Analyzing Linguistic Performances of Non-Normative Identities in New Orleans”
(Maxwell, Schippers)

Alexander Cammack (Cell and Molecular Biology)
“The Role of RNA/DNA Hybrid Formation and Resolution in a Friedreich’s Ataxia Model”
(Muneoka, Grabczyk)

Theresa Cao (Neuroscience)
“Brain Targeted (Pro)Renin Knockdown Modulates Body Fluid Homeostasis”
(Wee, Feng)

Ryan Carnegie (Engineering Physics and Cellular and Molecular Biology and Chemistry)
“Probing the Hofmeister Effect by Virtue of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”
(Gibb, Reed, Hopkins)

Adrianne Cashio (Music)
“The French Flute School”
(Samarov, Schletter)

Meredith Cherney (Environmental Studies)
“The Fighting Discourse of the Belo Monte Dam in Belo Monte: An Announcement of War”
(Dudley, Balee)

Zachary Chizmar (Art History)
“Blurred Lines: The Question of Caravaggio’s Sexuality”
(Porras, Foa)

Monika Cohen (Public Health)
“A Review of Workplace Wellness Programs and the Implications for Obesity Reduction”
(Yeager, Campbell)

Jillian Cooper (Economics)
“You’ve Been Served: Measuring Racial Discrimination in New Orleans”
(Barreca, Darden)

Sophie Cornfield (History)
“A History of Special Education”
(Adams, Haugeberg)

Sophie Cranin (Public Health)
“Not Just Playing Around: Evaluating Physical Activity Interventions for Children in New Orleans, Lousiana”
(Dal Corso, Gustat)

Taylor Crosby (Spanish)
“Giving Them a Voice: A Study of Hispanic Immigrant Women and ESL in New Orleans”
(Howard, Herrera-Gutierrez)

Juliette Crowther (Public Science International Relations)
“Know Thy Enemy: An Evaluation of Counterterrorism Frameworks”
(Fettweis, Dancy)

Nicholas Croy (Chemistry)
“Assessing the Formation and Oxidation of Glucosylamine and the Inhibition of β-Glucosidase”
(Byers, Jayawickramarajah)

Lindsey Curewitz (Political Science)
“Social Media in Special Congressional Elections”
(Brox, Harris-Perry)

David Cutting (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
“Biomimickry of Spartina Alterniflora Leaves to Develop Substrate for Bioadhesion Study”
(Pesika, Godby)

Benjamin Davis (Anthropology)
“The Garrett Site and the Mobility of Early Native Americans in Louisiana”
(Rodning, McCall)

Marissa Dearden (Biomedical Engineering)
"The Incorporation of Fluorescently Tagged Phosphatidylcholine into Infasurf Solution”
(Yamaguchi, Gaver)

Laura Decuir (English)
“Setting the Stage for Women in Performance: A Look at Mrs. Mary Knight”
(Mark, Oldenburg)

Brittany DeVries (Psychology)
“Hand to Mouth Coordination”

Connor Dolan (Neuroscience)
“Potential Applications for Clarity in Mammalian Developmental and Regenerative Research”
(Tasker, Muneoka)

Casey Donahue (History)
“The Hashemite-Tribal Alliance: A Historical Overview of Tribalism’s Role in the Sustainability of the Jordanian Monarchy (1914-2013)"
(Akin, Bernstein)

Sydney Dratel (History)
“The Moral Implications of Restituting Nazi-Looted Art”
(Otte, Bernstein)

Joe Eichner (English)
“Salvation: A Novel”
(Lazar, Stallings)

Amelia Esenstad (Sociology)
“Framing Women in the Zapatista Army of National Liberation”
(Ortiz, Adams)

Max Fargotstein (Buisness Case Study)
“Schools in Transition: To Merge or Not to Merge”
(Wilson, Biteman)

Jessica Feigen (Psychology)
“The Effect of Positive Female Role Models on Women’s STEM Outcomes”
(O’Brien, Varela)

David Feinswog (Economics)
“No Units Available? Emergency Medical Services Use, Overuse, and the Implications on Ambulance Response Times to Critical Incidents”
(Barreca, Darden)

Lauren Fetty (English and Political Science)
“An Analysis of Black Superheroes and their Effect on Political Identity and Trust”
(Mark, Lay)

Kathleen Field (English and Latin American Studies)
"Remembering the Future and Predicting the Past: Loss and Storytelling in Absalom. Absalom! and Amuelto”
(Dinerstein, Herrera)

Angela Filardo (Latin American Studies and Political Science)
“Rethinking the Success of Human Rights Trials: A Comparative Study of Argentina and Rwanda”
(Attencio, Dancy)

Jesse Friedman (Political Science)
“Ending an Excorcism: The Decline of the U.S.-Cuban Embargo and the Model of Vietnam”
(Fettweis, Silva)

Nathan Frumkin (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“How do Mockingbird Populations and Behavior Vary in Relation to Urban Microenvironments in New Orleans”
(Karubian, Taylor)

Ashley Galskey (Psychology and Public Health)
“The Experience of Complex Trauma in New Orleans Youth”
(Barbarin, Scharf)

Trenton Gauthier (Architecture)
“Market Metabolism”
(Owen, Mouton)

Andrew Gaynor (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Cell and Molecular Biology)
“Differentiation and Proliferation Characterization of Senescent Mesnechymal Stem Cells”
(O’Connor, Dotson)

Michelle Germain (Buisness Case Study)
“Maintaining Consumer Trust in the New Media Age: How Companies Stay On Target”
(Wilson, Biteman)

Caroline Germany (Neuroscience)
“Effects of Chronic Activation of GPR30, a Membrane-Bound Estrogen Receptor, on Memory in a Mouse Model”
(Vasudevan, Dohanich)

Margaret Gibson (Political Science)
“Politics of the Plate: The Failure of the 2012 Farm Bill”
(Lay, Maveety)

Michael Glass (Philosophy)
“The Limits of Rationalities: Between Habermas and Winch”
(Velkley, Sensen)

Jordan Gonzales (Classics)
“Tacitus and Dissent in the Roman Empire”
(Kehoe, Butler)

Robin Goode (Latin American Studies and International Development)
“Playing to Win: The World Cup, The Olympic Games and the Quest for Equal Citizenship in Brazil”
(Attencio, Dudley)

Emily Goodman (Dance)
“Dark Energy: A Dance for Camera Film Exploring the Creative Processes in Choreography and Science”
(Cannon, Hayley)

Barrett Hawkins (Biomedical Engineering)
“Current Use of Biologics Intraoperatively: Bone Morphogenetic Proteins, their Efficacy and Applications”

Molly Heiligman (Anthropology)
“Grave Materials: An Analysis of Gender in the Chavin Horizon of the Peruvian Formative Period”
(Nesbitt, Rodning)

Adam Hoskins (History)
“Roman Foreign Policy in the East: From 202 B.C to the Age of Augustus”
(Harl, Boyden)

Melanie Hotz (Psychology)
“Gender Differences in Math Skill Acquisition and its Relationship with Executive Function”
(Barbarin, Baker)

Zhichan Huang (Math)
“A Statistical Analysis of the Condition of the General Collections at Howard-Tilton Memorial Library”
(Lacey, Gromenko)
and for (Musical Performance)
“Approaches to Difficulties and Interpretations in the Works of Chopin”
(Lushtak, Jensen)

Chani Jensen (History)
“Transplanting Nationalism:Creating the Tibetan Resettlement Narrative”
(Lipman, DeMare)

Hillary Johnson (Anthropology)
“Working Class Acupuncture and Traditional Acupuncture: A Comparison of Perceived Efficacy in the United States”
(Masquelier, Balee)

Julia Judge (Classics)
“Ancient Graffiti and Domestic Space in the Insula of the Menander at Pompeii”
(Lusnia, Kehoe)

Alyssa Kahan (Gender and Sexuality Studies)
“Transformations that Fail to be Transformative: An Examination of Media Representation of Transgender People”
(Tremmel, Ozcan)

Brooke Kania (Psychology)
“Attention, Executive Function and Development of Math Competence in Low-Income Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Students”
(Barbarin, Baker)

Benjamin Kim (Art History)
“In Pursuit of Kyusus and the Mingei Movement”
(DePauw, Jernegan)

Stacy Krost (Asian Studies and English)
“Science Fantasies: China’s View of Its Future as Seen Through the Country’s Most Popular Sci-Fi Novel"
(Travis, Chang)

Lauren Kwiatkowski (History)
“Feminism in Mao’s China: Rural and Urban Conceptions of Gender, 1949-1976”
(DeMare, Haugeberg)

Samantha Labib (Sociology)
“The Smartphone Society: Progression of College Students Interactions and Attitudes in a Wireless Era”
(Rafail, McKinney)

James LaCroix (Architecture)
“Adaptable Infrastructure”
(Klingman, Keil)

Brian Laird (History)
“Spain’s Childhood: The Romano-Iberian Roots of Early Modern Spanish Identity”
(Boyden, Harl)

Lauren Lange (Cell and Molecular Biology)
“Methods Used in the Treatment of HER∆16 Breast Cancer Cells”
(Jones, Schrader)

Joanna Lapucha (Chemistry)
“A Study of Dendronized Polymers: The Synthesis and Physical Properties of Polyester Dendrons Grafted to a Polyacrylamide Backbone”
(Grayson, Koplitz)

Chelsea Leblang (Anthropology)
“Traditional and Modern Obstetric Practices in Central America: How Do they Shape Maternal and Infant Health”
(Jack, Masquelier)

Stephen Lee (Biomedical Engineering)
"Phenotypic Characterization of Murine Adispose-Derived Stem Cells Over Serial Passages”
(Gimble, Ashan)

Camille Lewis (Cell and Molecular Biology)
“HER4 Coactivates Estrogen Receptor in Breast Cancer”
(Jones, Vijayaraghavan)

Meredith Licon (Public Health)
“Molecular Characterization and Subtyping of Trypanosoma Cruzi DTU I DNA from Infected Rodent Tissues and Vector Feces Collected Around the New Orleans Area”
(Wesson, Keating)

Mosteller (Mossy) Lierle (Psychology)
“Mood and Decision Making: An Investigation of Framing Effects, Heuristics, and Moral Dilemmas”
(Christenson, Corey)

Shuwen Lin (Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering)
“Heterogeneity of Mesenchymal Stem Cells at the Cellular and Molecular Levels”
(O’Connor, Russell)

Huchen (Allen) Liu (Political Science)
“What did the Party Want? The Republican Party’s Electoral Agenda and the Young Guns Program in the 2010 Congressional Elections”
(Brox, Lay)

Patrick Lorio (Political Science)
“Variability in the Influence of Amicus Curiae Briefs on U.S. Supreme Court Decision-Making”
(Maveety, Brox)

Olivia Mahler-Haug (Psychology)
"Moderating Effect of Parental Modeling on the Development of Physical Symptoms of Panic in Clinically Anxious Youth”
(Varela, Corey)

Patrick Matthews (Political Science and International Relations)
“Communal Migration, Asylum and External Security in the European Union: The New Roadblock to European Integration?"
(Egan, Love)

Ivan Mattingly (Public Health) 
“The Role of Head Start in Preventing Childhood Obesity: Focus on New Orleans, LA”
(Lichtveld, Scharf)

Josh McNeil (Linguistics)
“The Use of Language in Cajun Music”
(Klingler, Dajko)

Renee Merageas (Spanish)
“Desde el Realismo al “Boom”: La Representación de la Revolución en Los de Abajo y La Muerte de Artemio Cruz”
(Gomez, Charles)

Elizabeth Naron (Business Case Study)
“Marketing Innovative Products in Fast-Moving Markets”
(Wilson, Biteman)

Sally Ness (Political Science)
“To Opt In or Opt Out: State’s Decision and Bipartisan Compromise on Medicaid Expansion Under the Affordable Care Act”
(Clark, Brox)

Briana O’Malley (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“Natural History of the Bird-Eating Snake (Pseustes Poecilonotus) and its Impact on Neotropical Understory Nesting Birds"
(Sherry, Zawacki)

Margot Paul (Psychology)
“Family History of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Neonatal Risk, and Parental Age in Predicting ASD Diagnosis”
(Varela, Corey)

Andrew Pellatt (History)
“The Plague of Justinian and the Arab Conquest of Syria”
(Harl, Pollock)

Anna Potter (Public Health)
“Identifying and Eliminating Food Deserts to Combat the Obesity Epidemic in New Orleans”
(Lichtveld, Scharf)

Kamya Raja (Public Health)
"Private Sector Strategies for Disaster Food Aid: A Case Study of Hurricane Katrina”
(Gleckler, Steinberg)

Kara Ramsey (Economics)
“The Efficacy of Mental Health Courts in Texas at Reducing Recidivism”
(Finlay, Pritchett)

Caitlin Ryan (Business Case Study)
“Private Equity Takes Itself Public: A Long-Term Analysis of Value”
(Wilson, Biteman)

Kyle Ryan (Architecture)
“Parasympathetic Propensities”
(Barron, Del Signore)

Rachel Ryley (Economics)
“Social Security Implications of the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage”
(Finlay, Alm)

Jocelyn Sausner (Spanish)
“The Use of Latin American Literature to Promote Social Change”
(Shea, Kennedy)

Katheryn Sauvigne (Psychology)
“Genetic Vulnerability, Temperment, and Language Delay as Risk Factors for Autism Spectrum Disorders”
(Varela, Corey)

Amanda Savage (Political Science)
“A Comparative Study of the Nicaraguan and Cuban Feminist Movements: Achievements and Challenges within Revolutionary Contexts”
(Love, Phillips)

Sarah Schultz (Theater)
“Going Greek: Modernizing Greek Plays and Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice”
(Holtcamp, Podewell)

Lucas Senechal (Business Case Study)
“The Changing Face of Strategic Patient Management”
(Wilson, Biteman)

Mackenzie Shade (Psychology)
“The Role of Intervention Delivery Agent and Treatment Fidelity in the Effectiveness of Early Childhood Interventions on Socioemotional Outcomes: A Systematic Literary Review”
(Baker, Barbarin)

Emma Skok (Psychology)
"Parent-Child Agreement on Reports of Child Anxiety Symptoms: Effects of Child Age, Parental Anxiety and Family Structure”
(Varela, Wyland)

Caitlin Sperling (Business Case Study)
“Going Listed: The Future of Electronic Trading in Credit Markets”
(Wilson, Biteman)

Rachel Springer (Neuroscience)
“Nuclear and Cytosolic Hippocampal Estrogen Receptor Alpha Localization in Ovariectomized Rats Exposed to Estradiol in Middle Age”
(Daniel, Schrader)

Pamela Svorinic (Neuroscience)
“Impact Treatment with Various Doses of Estradiol on Hippocampal Dependent Working Memory In Overiectomized Rats”
(Daniel, Wee)

Katelyn Swizer (Public Health)
“Effects of Lyophilized Bacterial Beads on Mosquito Oviposition”
(Wesson, Keating)

Hayley Tilton (Business Case Study)
“Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code: An Analysis of the Law and its Efficacy as Modern Corporate Recovery Mechanism”
(Wilson, Biteman)

Brooke Towne (Economics)
“Effects of Maternal Distress on Infant Outcomes Following the Oklahoma City Bombing”
(Barreca, Darden)

Caitlin Truitt (Gender and Sexuality Studies)
“Their Own Worlds: Spirituality and World-Building in the Radical Faeries, Reclaiming and The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival”
(Tremmel, Maveety)

Cutter Uhlhorn (English)
“In the Desert: Masculine Crisis in Bret Easton Ellis’ The Informers”
(Smith, White)

Camille Wada (Public Health)
“Adverse Birth Outcomes and Violent Crime in New Orleans: A Negative Feedback Loop”
(Scharf, Dal Corso)

Kelly Walton (Sociology)
“Balancing Acts Revisited: Work-Family Issues on Prime-Time TV”
(Kato, Schippers)

Xinyang Wang (Economics)
“The Effect of Environmental Policy on Consumers’ Decision to Purchase a Vehicle”
(Barbieri, Edwards)

Jack Waterman (Architecture)
“Experimenting with Tradition”
(Klingman, Jones)

Sarah Weinberg (Anthropology and Music)
“The Rhythm of Culture: Music as a Means of Assimilation and Integration in the Austro-Germanic Region”
​(Masquelier, Sharp)

Cody Wild (Economics)
“The Impact of Prison and Jail Privatization on Correctional Quality and Social Welfare in Texas”
(Finlay, Edwards)

Allie Wille (Psychology)
“Using Ecomaps to Examine Perceived Stress and Support Longitudinally”
(Nastasi, Patterson)

Christopher Willuhn (Musical Performance)
“Quintet for Winds”
(Joyce, Samarov)
and for (Public Health)
“Examining the “Unstable Artist”: Resilience in Artist Populations at Tulane University”
(Gleckler, Scharf)

Claire Wilson (Neuroscience)
“The Effect of the Antidepressant Ketamine on the Dendritic Spines of Cortical Neurons”
(Hall, Tasker)

Jenna Winston (Music)
“Problems of the Music Language Comparison: A Critical Analysis of the Way in Which Music is Compared to Language in Cognitive Neuroscience”
(Jazwinski, Dulaney)

Ningze Xu (Public Health and Economics)
“The Road Toward Universal Health Coverage: Evaluation of China’s Health Financing Performance Before and After the 2009-2011 Phase of the Health System Reform”
(Shi, Darden)