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2015 Thesis Writers

Stephanie Aaron (Psychology)
“The Role of Parental Involvement and Peer-Mediation on the Effectiveness and Interventions for Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities”

Rebecca Andrasko (Political Science)
“Crossing Borders: How Mexican American Tourism Reflects Bilateral International Relations”

Kara Angelini (Political Science)
“The Rise of the Small Donor”

Louis Arens (Neuroscience)
“Conditioning Tests of an Endomorphin Analog Indicate Low Abuse Liability”

Melanie Barlow (Political Science)
“The P5+1-Iranian Nuclear Negotiations: A Clash of Domestic Politics and Foreign Affairs”

Nathaniel Ben David (Finance, December 14 Grad)
“Using Signals from the Implied Volatility of Skew to Trade the S&P 500”

Idan Ben Yakir (Art History and Political Science)
“The 2003 Looting of Iraq Museum and the Fate of Antiquities in War”

Julia Birt (Psychology)
“The Effects of Intent and Discrimination on Attributes to Discrimination”

Hilary Bocash (Architecture)
“Live/Work/Play: An Intentional Community in Jericho, Vermont”

Mary Bryan (Public Health)
“Overcoming the Yuck Factor: Western Consumer Acceptance of Edible Insects”

Pamina Buechner (Math)
“A Generalized Modular Relation in Ramanujan’s Lost Notebook”

Kathryn Callander (Architecture and History)
“Impartial Space: Integrating Affordable and Market Rate Housing through a Shared Public Realm”

Stephanie Chen (English)
“Siren: Poems”

Marcy Cohen (Psychology)
“Perspective Taking and Self-Regulation: The Ego Deflating Effects of Effective Perspective Taking”

Anna Colarusso (History)
“A Culture of Compliance: The History of Cancer Alley, Industrial Pollution, and the Origins of Louisiana’s Environmental Justice Movement”

Daniel Coleman (Environmental Biology)
“The Hardness of Blue Crab (Callinectes Sapidus) in Response to Ocean Acidification”

Jonathan Cukierwar (Finance)
“Do Personal Risk Seeking Fund Managers Carry these Risk Seeking Behaviors to their Portfolios?”

Sophie Cushman (Classical Studies)
“Structuring Communities After Collapse: The Development and Distinction of Private and Public Space in Crete 1200-700 BCE”

Janell Cyprich (Neuroscience)
“Modifiable Risk Factor Control in Acute Ischemic Stroke”

Emily Davis (Linguistics)
“Political Education: Ideological Influences on Bilingual Education Policy in Arizona”

Sara Destefano (Public Health)
“An Analysis of Knowledge, Perceptions, Prevalence and Intervention of Teen Dating Violence Amongst High School Students in New Orleans”

Alarica Dietzen (Anthropology)
“An Examination of Resident’s Current Opinions Regarding Segregation and Integration in New Orleans with Emphasis on Carnival Traditions”

Alixandra Domney (Dance)
“An Evolution of Ballet: Where Has the Emotion Gone”

Sydney Ehrman (Public Health)
“Vulnerability to Depression: Self Esteem Level and Stress as Predisposing Factors”

Derek Ehrnschwender (Economics and Environmental Studies)
“Renewable Energy Development: An Analysis of the Factors Contributing to the Growth of Electricity Generation from Wind and Solar Sources”

Deirdre Erkman (Political Science)
“Japanese Peace Memorialization and its Implications on Nationalism”

Morgan Evans (Neuroscience)
“Mapping Brain Areas Relevant for Rapid Control of Aggressive Behavior in Mice”

Meagan Exnicios (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“Effects of Temperature on Transmission and Growth of the Amphibian Chytrid Fungus, Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis”

Eric Fagan (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“How Do Songbirds Share Space? Differences in Breeding Habitat Use Between Migrants and Residents in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest”

Chandler Faulman (Biomedical Engineering)
“Investigation of Interfacial Instabilities in Compliant Airways Models”

Nicole Florack (Economics)
“Rules are Made to be Broken: An Analysis of Corporate Tax Noncompliance”

Katherine Foley (Public Health)
“Examining the Context of HPV Prevention and Cervical Cancer Control in Bolivia”

Jared France (Biomedical Engineering)
“Testing and Evaluation of Magnetic Shields for Use in a Prosthetics Application”

Alec Friedman (Neuroscience)
“Reduction of Central Sensitization Via Acute Intrathecal Injection of an Endomorphin Analog”

Maria Garcia Quesada (Public Health)
“Nutrition and Exercise as an Alternative Treatment for Depression: A Systematic Review”

Claire Gildard (History and Spanish)
"Writing the Unwritten: Codifying Muslim Cultural Influences on Women's Rights in Medieval Castilian Law"

Rebecca Green (Communication)
“Females Talk About Hookup Experiences in Anonymous Conditions”

Katherine Grover (American Studies and English)
“I am the Girl You Know: Female Singer-Songwriters and Confessional Poetry in the 1990s”

Nathan Gu (Economics)
“Supply Shortage of General Practitioners : A Study on Medical School Graduates’ Interest in General Practitioner Residency”

Elizabeth Hanlon (Political Science)
“Please Leave Our Resources Where They Are: Environmental Protest by China’s Ethnic Minorities”

Camille Hardin (Psychology)
“The Effects of Institutional Support and Teacher-Perceived Student Malice on Beliefs About Punitive Strategies for Behavior Management”

Natalie Hare (Public Health)
“Soil Lead Contamination in New Orleans: A Review of Remediation Strategies and Proposal of Potential Intervention”

Max Heckhausen (Economics and Public Health)
“A Preliminary Analysis of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act- Has the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Succeeded Thus Far? And if So How?”

Duc Ho (Math)
“Homology of Subword Order Complexes and its Applications”

Hannah Horowitz
“The Stories We Tell: A Discussion of Stories and Storytelling Under Repressive Regimes”

Andres Hughes (Biological Chemistry)
“Rapid Non-Genomic Actions of Glucocorticoid Receptor (GR)”

Elise Ingber (Business School Case Study)
“What Factors Effect Environmental Sustainability in the Restaurant Industry”

Erik Iverson (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“The Role of Bare Parts in Avian Sexual Signaling: Flexible Signals of Multiple Messages”

Meredith Jacobs (Architecture)
“Digital Presence: Revitalizing the Vacant Small Town Core through New Networks of Connection”

Sarah Joseph (English)
“Trauma Theory in Toni Morrison’s Works The Bluest Eye, Beloved, and Home”

Jamie Kaplan (Neuroscience)
“The Effects of ADHD and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in High School and Collegiate Athletes”

Sara Karnes (Cell and Molecular Biology)
“Expression Pattern of MIR-126 in the Developing Embryonic Mouse Eye”

Johanna Kester (Psychology)
“Variance in Autism Prevalence Across States: Effects of State Insurance Policy, Availability of Clinical Resources, and Proximity to Research Institutions”

Joseph Knight (Physics)
“Benchmark of GW Methods for Electron Acceptors”

Madeline Lafuse (Gender and Sexuality Studies and History)
“Friends, Brothers, Lovers: The Language of Love between Men in the Revolutionary War”

Morgan Laurent (Neuroscience)
“Comparison of Effects of Morphine and Endomorphin Analogs on Morphology of Dopaminergic VTA Neurons”

Nicole Lentini (Psychology)
“The Effect of Anticipating Weight Stigma on Task Persistence, Vigilance to Threats, and Body Satisfaction”

Sophia Leonard (English)
“On the Edge of Truth: The Motif of Vision in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood”

Emma Loos (Political Economy and Sociology)
“The Los Angeles River Development: A Watershed in the Concrete Jungle”

Robert Mackay (Philosophy)
“The Development of Plato’s Thoughts on Rhetoric: An Analysis of the Gorgias and Phaedrus”

John Marinelli (Political Science)
“The Big Banks Got Nothing?: Interest Groups and the Effort to Undermine Dodd-Frank”

Suzanne McShane (Political Economy)
“The Economics of Breast Cancer Screening Methods in New Orleans”

M’Bilia Meekers (English)
“Defiance: An Original Book of My Own Poetry”

Stephanie Messina (Biomedical Engineering)
“Effects of Oscillatory Shear Stress on Early Differentiation and Mechanotransduction”

Ryan Migliore (Classical Studies)
“Ovidiana: The Elegiac Process in the Amores”

Chad Moles (Public Health)
“Adderall: Illicit Drug Use on College Campuses and Perceptions by University Students”

Nicole Moody (Neuroscience
“Effects of G-Protein-Coupled Receptor 30 Agonist G-1 on Spatial Memory in Adult Female Rats”

Melanie Moulder (Psychology)
“The Case for Perspective Taking: Effects of Perspective Taking, Intent, and Harm on Attributions to Discrimination in Institutional Racial Discrimination”

Ashley Neumeister (Anthropology)
“Snakes and Rebirth in Creation and Destruction Mythology”

Liam Nolan (Biomedical Engineering)
“A Microfluidic Model of Pulmonary Airway Reopening in Asymmetric Bifurcating Networks”

Joseph Nunn (History)
“A Two-Faced Eagle: The Prosecution of Terrorists in Imperial Russia, 1866-1881”

Charisse Poston (English)
“Subverting Gender Roles and Racialization: Foodways in Four Contemporary Novels by Asian-American Women”

Olivia Price (English and Linguistics)
“The Poetics of Power: A Linguistic Analysis of the Translation History of 'Howl'”

Senthil Rajasekaran (Math)
“P-Adic Valuations of Harmonic Denominators”

Joseph Rosing, (Philosophy)
“The Immorality of Abortion: A Conservative Approach to the Ethics and Metaphysics of Potentiality and Personhood”

Elizabeth Sawyer (Political Science)
“Controversy and Acceptance: An Analysis of Federal Legislation on Topics of Women’s Health”

Max Seidman (Psychology)
“The Link Between Altruism, Stress, and Hypermasculine Attitudes in African American Adolescents”

Amie Settlecowski (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“Rapid Speciation in the Late Miocene Marked the Evolutionary History of Lipaugus and Tijuca (Cotingidae)”

Sanaa Shaikh (Architecture)
“Coexist: A Study of the 21st Century Mosque in Secularizing Society”

David Silver (Sociology)
“Practice and Theory: The Sociology of Mental Illness in New Orleans”

Emma Simmons (Political Science and International Development)
“The Influence of Business on the Formulation of U.S. Environmental Public Policy Post 1970”

Iain Sneddon (History)
“The Evolving Depiction of Violence in the 20th Century”

Jonathan Solomonow (Neuroscience)
“Anxiety Behavior in Rodents Induced by Acute Stress”

Briana Steinmetz (Environmental Science, Earth Science)
“Assessing Mississippi Delta Marsh Stability through a Paleoenvironmental Analysis Using Foraminiferal Assemblages”

Zachary Stine (Political Science)
“Hobbe’s Science of Politics: Analyzing the Formal and Material Veins of Theory in Leviathan”

Hannah Strobel (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“Comparative Population Genetics of Threespine Stickleback (Gatserosteus Aculeatus) Fish Hosts and the Cestode Parasite Schistocephalus Solidus”

Ellen Tharp (Communication)
“Grief in the Digital Era: The effects of Mourning on Facebook”

Maryann Thompson (Psychology)
“Leading through Diversity: The Effect of Gender on Racial Discrimination Claims”

Julia Turkevich (Political Science)
“Why are Muslims Leaving Western Europe to Fight with Isis”

Callie Turlington (Biomedical Engineering)
“The Design and Concept Verification of a Clinician-Adjustable, In-Shoe Orthotic to Treat Different Stages of Hallux Rigidus”

Kelsey VanderGenugten (Business Case Study)
“The Walt Disney Company: Regaining Status as an Industry Leader through Successful Mergers and Acquisitions”

Allison Waterhouse (History)
“Clerical Opposition and Forced Labor Reform in the Potosí Mita, 1545-1660”

Robert White (Spanish)
“Blame as an Invitation for Redemption in Criolo’s Nó Na Orelha”

Emily Youngblood (Architecture)
“Densifying Downtown: An Alternative Residential Strategy for Sprawling Cities”