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2015-2016 Honors Theses

Simone Akgulian (Public Health)
“Breastfeeding Rates Among Low-Income, African American Mothers in Louisiana”

Cole Ashman (Chemical Engineering)
“An Exploration of Novel Polymeric Materials for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells”

Natalie Atkin (Psychology)
“Does Knowledge Translate to Behavior? Understanding the Mechanisms of Social Emotional Learning”

Savanna Bailey (Anthropology)
“A View Beneath the Bundle: Imaging Techniques Applied to Mummies”

Jonathan Baker (History)
"The Arab Conquest of North Africa: Sudden, Unexpected, and Decisive"

Jennie Barker (Political Science)
“You Are All of Them: The Mobilization of Human Rights Discourse by the Pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party in Turkey”

Victoria Barry (Art History)
“Art is Not Enough: Gran Fury’s Intersection of Art & Activism”

Nina Baumgartner (Neuroscience)
"The Effect of Long-Term Circulating Estradiol Deprivation on the Ability of Neuroestradiol to Impact the Hippocampus”

Jacob Berman (Music)
“Large-Scale Instrumental Work”

Erin Brock (Public Health)
"Rethinking Food Security & Prenatal Malnutrition Policy in Rural Guatemala”

Katharine Bruce (Public Health)
“Coming Out and Getting Out: LGBTI Asylum in the United States”

Connor Burkett (Sociology)
“Mental Illness Stigma: Age and Gender Differences in Attitudes Towards Depression”

Siraphob Chansangavj (Sociology)
"From One Community to the Next: A Qualitative Case Study Analysis of a Youth-Centered Nonprofit Organization in New Orleans East"

Jacob Cross (Spanish and Portuguese)
"Advertising in Cuba"

Anna Currey (English)
"Heredity: Short Stories"

Monika Daniels (English)
"The Horse that Lived with the Blue Tree: Poetry"

Skylar Deckoff- Jones (Physics)
"Observing the Interplay between Surface and Bulk Optical Nonlinearities in Thin Van Der Waals Crystals"

Timothy Decotis (Political Science)
"Islamist Democracy"

Caroline Dickens (Gender Studies)
"Girls in Stem at Tulane (GIST): The Effects of a Science Outreach Event on Girl’s Science Identities"

Kirby Dubose (Communication and Spanish)
 “Nonverbal Communication in U.S. and Argentine Classrooms”

Matthew Ducote (Engineering Physics and Mathematics)
“Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Pathogen Detection”

Aysia Dye (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“Variation in Advertisement Calls Among Color Morphs of a Polymorhic Poison Frog”

Jacob Epstein (History)
"Onward and Outward: An Analysis of Roman Grand Strategy and Frontier Policy from Augustus (27 B. C. - 14 A. D.) to Julian II the Apostate (355-363 A. D.)"

Emma Ernst, (Spanish and Portuguese)
"Arte, protesta y la lucha por la memoria: el trabajo de group de arte callejero 1998-2004"

Nicole Esser (Architecture)
"Gateway Bridge Park: Forging a Productive Link Across Shores"

James Fitzpatrick (Psychology)
"The Effect of Beliefs about Choice on Anti-Atheist Prejudice"

Taylor Fox (Gender and Sexuality)
"'There is a Pull that Nobody Wants to the Talk About': How Poverty Constrains the Concept of Choice for Homeless Youth in the Sex Trade"

Alexander Gain (Computer Science and Mathematics)
"Characterizing the W-Set for Complete Matching of Any Length"

Charlotte Gerchick (English)
"Literary Representations of Agency in New Orleans Women of Color: A Chronology Through Five Increasing Realistic Cases"

William Gillispie (History)
"Slavery and War in the Caribbean: Freed Blacks in St. Lucia During the Brigand Wars of 1794-1797"

Eric Goldner (Cell and Molecular Biology)
"Biobutanol Production by Clostridial Strain TU-103"

Juan Fernando Gomez Lopez (Economics and International Development)
"Self-Sufficient Education and Its Potential to Reduce Unemployment: Empowering Internally Displace Persons in Bogotá, Columbia"

Daniel Gore (Spanish and Portuguese)
"The Influences of Carioca Carnival on the Intersecting Professional and Social Engagements of the Travesti and Gay"

Kyle Graham (Architecture)
"Crowdfunding Modular Construction"

Rebecca Greaney (Economics and Environmental Studies)
“Water Security in an Arid Metropolis: The Effectiveness of Demand-Side Management as a Solution to Water Scarcity in Southern California, a Case Study of the Metropolitan Water District”

Alexandra Gulachenski (Environmental Biology)
"Abandonment, Ecological Assembly and Public Health Risks in Counter-Urbanizing Cities"

Margaret Harlan (Environmental Science)
“Defining Metrics of Channel Mobility and their Link to the Architecture of Channelized Stratigraphy: A Laboratory Study”

Sara Harrell (Public Health)
"Race, Place, and Health Outcomes: Healthy Living in a Sample of New Orleans Residents"

Sara Hays (Biological Chemistry and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
“Population Genetics of Diphyllobothridean Macroparasite Schistocephalus Solidus Infecting Threespine Stickleback”

Magdalena Hecht (Cell and Molecular Biology)
"The Effect of FOXO1 on RET and NANOS2 Promoter Activity in Context of Spermatogonial Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Differentiation"

Jazmia Henry (English)
"Sing the Black Girls Song:Redefining Narratives of Black Womanhood through Push and Salvage the Bones"

Rachel Hill (Cell and Molecular Biology)
“Breast Cancer Bioinformatics: The Impact of HER2 Alternative Splicing and HER4 Suppression on Breast Cancer Prognosis”

Anna Hodges (Public Health)
"Identifying an Effective Model to Reduce Transfusion-Transmitted Malaria in Endemic and Non-Endemic Regions"

Rafaella Jakubovic (Psychology)
"Predictive Validity of the Bess: Sex Differences within a Universal Screening System"

Emma Johnson (Chemistry and Mathematics)
“The Social Cost of Plastic: A Life Cycle Efficiency Analysis of Industrial High Density Polyethelene Production”

Lindsay Johnson (Economics and Environmental Studies)
"Economics of Passive Use Values for Alaskan National Parks"

Shreya Kashyap (Neuroscience)
"G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor (GPER) Activation Ameliorates Vascular Responses to Injury"

Katharine Khamhaengwong (Political Science)
"Democratization in Morocco: From Independence to the Present"

Suzana Kondic (Economics and Environmental Studies)
"Impact Investing in Forest Conservation: Too Good to be True?"

Benjamin Kravis (English)
"Whole-Hearted and Upright"

Anton Krayniy (Germanic and Slavic Studies and Political Science)
“The Manifestation of Self-Confidence in Russia’s Foreign Policy”

James Lambert (Political Science)
"The Occasional Futility of Obstructionism: the Aftermath of Obergefell V. Hodges and an Overlooked Aspect of Predicting State Compliance to Supreme Court Mandates"

Xiayue Li (Physics)
"Genarris: Parallelized Configuration Space Screening of Molecular Crystals Aided by Harris Approximation"

Cheyenne Ligon (Political Science)
"The New Jihad: Examining the Evolution of Radical Sunni Jihadist Groups Through a Comparison of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State"

Lucy Lloyd (Latin American Studies)
"Revolution as Rhetoric: The Cuban National Art Schools as a Microcosm of Revolutionary History"

Megan Magaldi (Psychology)
"The Effect of Perspective Takign on Accuracy of Attributions to Discrimination in Legal Decision-Making"

Sarah Margolies (Psychology)
"Barriers and Facilitators of Trauma-Informed Care Implementation: A Content Analysis"

Rebecca McDonald (Philosophy)
“The Non-Identity Problem”

Kimberly Micotto (Neuroscience)
"Brains or Brawn? Assessing the Long Term Abilities of Zebra Finches"

Samuel Naylor (Architecture)
“Wild Urbanism”

Laura Nelson (Spanish and Portuguese)
“The Politics of Trauma: Terror, Mourning, and Memory in Post-Dictatorial Spain, as Interpreted in the Films of Pedro Almodovar”

Dillon Nuanes (Sociology)
"An Exogenous Crisis: Social Power and Greece"

Anneke Olson (Psychology)
“Family Violence, Caregiver Psychopathology, Parenting Practices, and Child Outcomes”

Nina Patel (Public Health)
"Gender and Preference of Empathic Communication"

Laura Perry (Psychology)
“Personality and Mental Health in Prostate Cancer”

Justin Picard (English)
“And the Dust: Poems”

Erin Platt (Environmental Studies)
"Solid Waste Management in Sustainable Cities"

Allison Reip (Political Science)
"The Best Choice?: How Public Schools Market Themselves in New Orlenas and the Impacts on Parental Choice"

Owen Richfield (Mathematics)
“Three-Dimensional Elastic Rod Model of Sperm Flagella in an Incompressible Stokes Fluid”

Carly Rosen (Neuroscience)
"Neural Predictors of Dysfluency During Speech Preparation in People Who Stutter"

Jillian Rosenberg (Cell and Molecular Biology)
"Axl Regulation of Breast Cancer Progression"

Stuart Rowe (Neuroscience)
"The Effect of Pilocarpine-Induced Seizure on SHOX2 Gene Expression in Mouse Thalamus"

Gabriella Runnels (Economics)
“The Impact of School Restarts on Teacher Quality and Race in New Orleans”

Allison Saft (English)
"Myth & Multiplicity: Superheroine Comics as Feminist Writing"

Eric Samore (Mathematics)
"Geometry of Landen"

Eleanor Semmes (Neuroscience)
“The Transactivation, Epigenetic Regulation, and CRISPR/CAS9 Gene Editing of HER4 in Breast Cancer”

Samuel Sgroi (Political Science)
"Youth Unemployment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan"

Stephanie Shea (French and Italian)
“Ending the 800: An Investigation of Clandestine Abortions in Morocco”

Michelle Sheena (Neuroscience)
"Strategies for Orienting Objects During Hand-to-Mouth Transport in Infants"

Laura Stanfel (Neuroscience)
"Corticosterone-Induced Plasticity of ARα1B Receptors in the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus"

James Steele (Art History)
"Courtly Creatures: Depictions of the Hunt in the Burgundian Netherlands"

Laura Sutherland (Psychology)
"Indicators of Trauma-Informed Care"

Tal Tamir (History)
"The First Jewish War: A Ferociously Unique Rebellion"

Mitchell Therieau (English)
"The Technological Construction of American Realism"

Natasha Topolski (Cell and Molecular Biology)
“Internalizing Behavior as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Corporal Punishment and FKBP5 DNA Methylation in Youth

Nathan Treacy (Africana Studies)
“Identity Politics and the Post-Genocide Rwandan Political Opposition-In-Exile”

Shakthi Unnithan (Mathematics)
"A Multi-Risk Model to Quantify the Impact of Needle Exchange Programs on the Spread of HIV/AIDS"

Currin Wallis (Latin American Studies)
“Coming to Terms with “Becoming Black”: Dominican and Senegalese Racial Discourse in Buenos Aires”

Ella Weiner (Art History and Political Science)
"Shared Heritage: Museums, Ownership, and Alternative Dispute Resolution"

Gavin West (Architecture)
"Street as Stage: The Formal Dynamics of Contemporary Urban Public Space"

Tara Wilson (History)
"Politics and Policy: Title X and the Republican Party"

Adam Yohanan (Economics)
"A Multi-Speed Consumer Surplus Approach to Net Neutrality"

Francesca Zito (Environmental Studies)
"A Historical Analysis and Comparison of the Times-Picayune's Representation of Recovery Following Hurricane Betsy and Hurricane Katrina"