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2017-2018 Honors Theses


Brooke Bailey (Psychology)

“Eye-Hand Coordination in Children during Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration”


Laura Bailey (Biochemistry)

“A Formulation Screening Platform (FSP) for Optimized Protein Stability


Catherine Balfe (Economics)

“Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Mortgage Lending: A Pre-Analysis Plan for a Correspondence Field Experiment”


Olivia Barnard (Africana Studies)

“New Orleans in Context: Senegambians in a French Colonial City”


Andrew Beeco (Public Health)

“Beyond Standing Orders: A Comparative Analysis of Naloxone Education and Opioid Overdose Tracking in Six U.S. Cities”


Amelia Bergeson (Chemical Engineering)

“Thin Film Stability in Linear and Cyclic Blends of Poly (ε-Caprolactone) (PCL)”


Bryce Berman (English)

“Sells Like Teen Spirit: Commodification of the Addicted Artist”


John Berner (English)

““Two Friends and I in the Middle”: How Walt Whitman's Lost Novel Narrates a City”


Katherine Bloomfield (Political Science)

“The Methods and Consequences of Israel's Continued Control over the Gaza Strip after Disengagement”


Caroline Bonaventure (Neuroscience)

“Internalizing Behavior Outcomes and School Climate: Differences between Students Enrolled and Not Enrolled in Special Education”


Briley Bourgeois (Engineering Physics)

“Photonic Processing of Transition Metal Oxide Films”


James Buchsbaum (Political Science)

“A Democracy Deferred? United States Foreign Policy Toward Egypt Since 2011”


Hannah Case (Biological Chemistry)

“Synthesis of Mono-Functionalized Curcumin-Folic Acid and Curcumin-Pantothetic Acid Bioconjugates for Applications in Cancer Treatment”


Judy Chen (Cellular and Molecular Biology)

“Antibacterial Properties of Alkylphenols, a New Class of Antibiotics”


Mimi Chen (Neuroscience)

“The Effect of B Cell Depletion on Intracranial Aneurysm Formation and Rupture”


Matt Coleman (Neuroscience)

“The Interaction of Positive Prediction Error and Active Learning on Memory”


Hannah Craig (Public Health)

“Factors Related to Sexual Violence against Refugee Women in the Context of the European Refugee Crisis”


Elaine Damico (Architecture)

“Breaking the Cycle: A New Typology for Successful Community Reintegration”


Claire Davenport (Political Science)

“Settlers and Spoilers: Entrenchment in Israeli Politics and Society”


Lauren De Blanc (Psychology)

“The Development of Infant Reaching Strategies to Vibrotactile Targets on the Body”


Alexandra DeFelice (Classical Studies)

“Nobody Puts Classics in a Corner: The Discipline's Role in American Education and Student Recruitment Strategies for the Modern Department”


William N. Dickson (Classics)

“Galen, the Sophists, and Us: The Presence of Sophistry in Public Displays of Medicine”


Carson Discher (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)

“Identification of a Predictive Cell-Surface Indicator of In Vivo Viability and Survival of Adult Mesnechymal Stem Cells”


Christopher Downey (Linguistics)

“Lakota, Chichewa, and Competing Motivations Driving Semi-Optimal Focus Construction Types”


Abigail Eckland (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

“A Quantitative Analysis of the Organic and Mineral Content of Mississippi River Suspended Sediment in the Falling Hydrograph”


Jordan Eisenberg (Theatre)

“The Construction of Authentic Female Characters by Gay Male Playwrights”


Parker Evans (Mathematics)

“On Self-Overlapping Curves, Interior Boundaries, and Minimum Area Homotopies”


Praveena Fernes (Public Health)

“Storytelling Used as a Public Health Tool: Healthy Living and Food Access in New Orleans”


Imri Frenkel (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)

“Controlled Patterning of Carbon Nanotube Growth Utilizing Polymer Thin Films”


Emily Galik (History)

“Bands, Ballads, and Bitterness: The Evolution of Civil War Music”


Olivia Gilbert (Music Performance)

“An Analysis of Beethoven's Piano Sonata in a Flat Major, Op. 110, No. 31 as a Prelude to Missa Solemnis”


Sheridan Goldstein (Neuroscience)

“Cortisol Reactivity to Stressful Stimuli in Children Diagnosed with PTSD”


Maria Gomez (Cellular and Molecular Biology)

“Potential Effects of Post-Translational Modifications on Pants' Degradation: An Analysis of Micropeptide Stability”


Darcy Gray (Environmental Biology)

“Investigating Driving Forces of Habitat Loss and Conservation for a Critically Endangered Species in a Biodiversity Hotspot”


Aylise Grossenbacher-McGlamery (English)

“Writing the Self out of Historical Disconnection: Jamaica Kincaid's An Autobiography of My Mother, Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior


Sarah Heise (Political Science)

“Religious Participation and Political Participation in Louisiana”


Trey Hendrix (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

“Ornamented Plumage in the Nonbreeding Season is Associated with Behavioral Change in a Tropical Passerine”


Elliot Hill (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

“The Relative Importance of Social and Physical Attributes on Nest Ownership in a Captive Population of American Flamingos (Phoenicopterus Ruber)”


Monica Holler (Neuroscience)

“Effects of Prior Reward Learning on Temporal Attention Allocation in an Attentional Blink Task”


Hannah Hoover (Anthropology)

“The Rad Clay Pad the Spaniards Had: A Geoarchaeological Examination of Sixteenth-Century Spanish Forts in the American South”


Pavlo Iosipiv (Architecture)

“Altered Landscapes: Translating Contextual Shifts in Ukraine”


Jamie Katz (Marketing)

“Word of Mouse: Analyzing Consumers' Perceptions of Online Conversations”


Taylor Kimball (Psychology)

“The Effect of Gendered Environments and Gender Composition on the Perceived Success of Women”


Nathaniel Koch (English)

“Thank You, Paul Tulane”


Dylan Koester (Music)

“From Palace Chamber to Conducting Symposium: A Conductor's Perspective on the Dynamic Role of the Chamber Wind Ensemble through Score Study, Rehearsal and Performance of Three Pieces of Varying 19th and 20th Century Styles”


Alex Kornfeld (Political Science and Philosophy)

“Viktor Orbán's Platonic Moment”


Alayna Kuhlmann (English)

“Valley of the Dolls: The Relevance and Lasting Impact of Popular Fiction on Social Issues”


Sarah Lawhorne (Finance)

“Restructuring for Success: The Future of Distressed Retailers and their Restructuring Options”


Cameron Leahy (Political Science)

“Homelessness Policy in the United States: A Legal and Practical Assessment”


Sierra Lear (Chemical Engineering and Neuroscience)

“Investigating Interactions between Biological Stress and Adenosine A2A Signaling in Alzheimer's Disease”


Samuel Leberg (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

“The Influences of Deforestation and Fragmentation on Western Ecuadorian Stream Fish Communities”


Jae Lee (Linguistics)

“Niggers Read This: Strategies for Word Re-Appropriation”


Clare Lister

“Plant-Pathogen Warfare: Investigating How Leaf Age Affects Host Resistance to a Fungal Pathogen”


Francesca Luria (Anthropology)

“Through the Looking Glass: An Examination of Archaeological Representation in Museum Displays”


Regan Manayan (Italian)

“The Futurists Take Flight: The Significance of Aeropainting as an Art Expression of the Italian Futurist Movement”


David Maples (Architecture)

“Designing Material Networks”


Abrania Marrero (Psychology and Public Health)

“Untangling Happiness and Health: The Effect of Eudemonic Wellbeing on Health Behavior”


Gillian Mays (Anthropology)

“Education vs. Entertainment: Museum Ethics and Human Remains”


Gabriel McBride (English)

“Knowing Him Better There: Shades of Postmodernism and the Defense of Fantasy in The Chronicles of Narnia”


Shehan McFadden (Anthropology)

“In the Shadow of the Giralda: Judaism and Islam as Identity and History in the South of Spain”


Shea McGrinder (Cell & Molecular Biology)

“Parametric Study for a Modified Laser Direct Write Excise Laser Apparatus Developed by the Chrisey Group”


Lily Milwit (Political Science)

““They Tried to Bury Us”: The Influence of Post-Apartheid Education Reform on Student Activism in South Africa”


Samantha Morris (Latin)

“Epic Women: Thetis, Ariadne, and Deidamia in Catullus 64 and Statius' Achilleid”


Jacob Morrow- Spitzer (History)

“The Appointee, the Democrat, and the Redeemer: Three Jewish Mayors in Post-Civil War Louisiana and Mississippi and Their Roles in the Shifting Politics of Reconstruction”


Tina Nguyen (Gender and Sexuality Studies)

“Fresh Functional Feminism: Disidentification and the Women's March”


Matthew Nguyen (History)

“Praise, Panic, and the Press: The Swinging Pendulum of American Portrayals of Japan During the McKinley Era”


Matthew Nice (Biomedical Engineering)

“Induction of Angiogenesis in the Mouse Mesentery”


Louis Nix II (Political Science and Economics)

“Exploring Alternative Frameworks for Joint Palestinian-Israeli Governance”


Hannah Novak (Public Health)

“Asking About It, Not Asking for It: Critical Assessment of Evaluation Strategies for Violence Prevention Programming”


Victoria Parker (Psychology)

“Hot and Cool Self-Regulation in Preschoolers Exposed to Community Violence and the Socio-Emotional Cascade”


Zaib Qayyum (Philosophy)

“Kant's Reconciliation of Freedom and Determinism”


Tori Quiroz- Haden (History)

“The Role of Gender in Selected Supreme Court Cases Regarding School Prayer”


Joseph Ramsey (Neuroscience)

“Changes in Glial Cell Morphology and Activation in Response to Severe Acute Stressors in Rattus Norvegicus”


Rachel Rockford (Architecture)

“Loving It to Death: Restorative Architecture in the Desert Southwest”


Kristen Rosamond (Environmental Studies)

“Evolutionary Specialization in New World Wood Warblers (Parulidae): Predicting Diet from Morphology, with Implications for Conservation”


Josh Rosenbaum (Gender and Sexuality Studies)

“The Manufactured Gap: What the Disparate Treatment of 'Terrorism' and 'Mass Shootings' Says about Race and Gender in America”


Leah Saffir (History and Political Science)

“A Political and Social History of Storyville: A Gendered Approach to the Motivations and Actions That Built a Vice District in New Orleans”


Nicole Saville (Architecture)

“Chromatic Imaginaries: Color Constructs the Human Experience”


Maia Schoenberg (Neuroscience)

“The Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Hippocampal Nuclear Estrogen Receptor Alpha Levels in Ovariectomized Rats”


Izzat Shbeeb (Cell and Molecular Biology)

“The Synthesis of Novel Cationic Starshaped Polymers for Use in Gene Transfection”


William Shipman (Public Health and Economics)

“The Relationship between the Economy and Suicide Incidence across American Counties during the Great Recession”


Erin Stafford (Mathematics)

“Parameter Estimation and Identification in Mathematical Models”


Madeleine Swanstrom (History and Economics)

“Streetcars and Segregation: Ferguson from the Civil War to Michael Brown”


Parker Tirrell (Neuroscience)

“Protein Nitrosylation as a Novel Non-Genomic Signaling Mechanism of Glucocorticoid Receptor Activation”


Meredith Tracy (Psychology)

“The Impact of Olfactory Perception on Disgust Sensitivity and Romantic Relationships”


Kaeli Vandemark (Neuroscience)

“Age-Related Changes in Dendritic Spine Volume and Morphology in the Primary Somatosensory Cortex following Sensory-Evoked Plasticity”


Frederick von der Schulenburg (History)

“Assessing the Trajectory of Modern Democratic Principles through the Lens of Arendt, Refugees and the Évian Conference”


Jake Ward (Political Economy)

“Legitimate Radicals: The United Kingdom Independence Party and the Alternative für Deutschland"


Rebecca Whitney (Linguistics)

“Rabbit and Opossum: Quapaw Stories Translated and Analyzed”


Barbara Wilkie (History)

“Creating Public Space: Women's Participation at the 1893 Columbian Exposition”


Brooke Yuspeh (Dance)

“Dancing from Broadway to La La Land: The Evolution of Dance in Movie Musicals”