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2018-2019 Honors Theses


Samantha Jo Albucker (Anthropology and Communication)

"Princesses, Beasts and Cyborgs: Disney's Live-Action/CGI Reboots Blur Social Identity Boundaries Set by Animated Predecessors"


Abigail Allshouse (Architecture)

"Evolving Main Street"


Sophia Angeletti (Political Science)

"The Jordinian Government's Response to Refugee Settlement: A Comparative Case Study of Palestinian, Iraqi, and Syrian Refugee Influxes, 1948-2018"


Jacqueline Arshinoff (French and Italian)

"Do the Metaphors we Use Affect our Perception of Time?"


Lipaz Avigal (Political Economy)

"Redefining the Boundaries of 'The People': Exclusion and Inclusion in Cross-Regional Populist Movements"


Jenna Bates (Neuroscience)

"Mental Health and Disability of Ebola Survivors Three Years After the Epidemic"


William Beatty (Political Science)

"Perspecitves on Inequality: Rousseau versus Contemporary Science"


Rachel Berwald (Political Science)

"Human Rights, International Pressure, and Domestic Change: A Comparison of the Argentine and Chilean Dictatorships"


Alexandra Bookis (Psychology)

"Children's Gender Stereotypes of Abilities in Science Subjects and Careers"


Elise Briody (Business)

"The Effect of the Troubled Asset Relief Program on Bank of America's Business Strategy in 2008"


Sophia Buchanan (Art)

"The Modern Irish: Jack Butler Yeats"


Sue Choi (French and Italian)

"The Rise and Philosophy of Late 19th-Century French Symbolism and its Application in Contemporary Art Practice"


Kathryn Cook (History)

"Bread, Salt, and Blood: Memory and Representation of the Second World War in Soviet Ukraine"


Cameron Crain (Spanish & Portuguese)

"The Birth of Surrealism in Latin America of its Own"


Genevieve Curtin (Neuroscience)

"The Effects of Estrogen on Mitochondrial Respiration"


Alyson Demskie (Architecture)

"All Excess, All Spectacle: A Material Obsession"


Olivia Evans (Public Health and International Development)

"Doing Good Better: Ethical Conceptions of International Volunteer Tourism for Health Interventions in the Northern Dominican Republic"


Molly Fava (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

"Prey Selection Mechanisms of Coexisting Insectivorous Birds in a Tropical Forest Habitat"


Jenna Fischer (Political Science)

"Political Islam in Morocco"


Ellyn Frohberg (Psychology)

"Weight Stigma: Experiences for Women on a College Campus"


Alana Garvey (Anthropology)

"An Analysis of Rock Art in Eastern Ancash, Peru"


Elissa Goldberg (Political Science)

"Defining a Nation: An Analysis of Israel's New Basic Law, 'Israel-The Nation State of the Jewish People'"


Dana Goldenberg (Jewish Studies)

"The Jewish Medical Ethics of Abortion and Euthanasia"


Annie Gosserand (Philosophy)

"The Ethical Rights of the Child in Medicine"


Daniel Gottlieb (Jewish Studies)

"The Changing Landscape of Anti-Semitism in France"


Shreya Gunda (Biomedical Engineering)

"Evaluating Sex Differences in Mechanical and Active"


Elizabeth Hauser (Spanish and Portuguese)

"Una investigatción de la gastronomía en la población libanesa en México"


Emma Hawkes (Anthropology)

"Commercialization and Authenticity in New Orleans Brass Band Tradition"


Marissa Heffler (Biomedical Engineering)

"Defining the Value of Organ-on-a-Chip Technology through Customer Analysis"


Branden Hentrich (English)

"The Slave Narrative Genre: Publishing with a Purpose"


Julianna Heron (Political Science)

"Democratic Backsliding throughout the World: A Comparison between the U.S., France, and Hungary"


Lauren Hitt (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

"Lead Exposure and its Consequences for Reproduction in a Common Urban Songbird"


Kennis Htet (Political Science)

"The Journey towards Universial Health Care in Thailand, Costa Rica, and Mexico: A Comparison"


Siyang Hu (Biomedical Engineering)

"A Quantitative Performance Comparison of Hilo and Rms Structured Illumination Microscopy Image Reconstruction Methods"


Jacob Hurwitz (Public Health)

"Banda Aceh and the Mercy Model: Preparing U.S. Disaster Medical Teams for International Deployment"


Sophia Horowitz (History)

"The Development of Soviet Turkology in Leningrad, 1917-1991"


Camilla Kapustina (Political Science)

"Germany and the Alternative für Deutschland: Towards a Multidimensional Understanding of Radical Populism in Liberal Democracies"


Rebecca Kelly (Politcial Science)

"Foreign Intervention and Terrorist Group Strength in Civil Wars: A Comparative Study of Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS"


Andras Kozicz (Architecture)

"Perpetual Transition"


Rada Kuznetsova (English and Art History)

"The Effects of World War I and the Russian Revolution on the Artistic Development of the Russian Artists and Poets between 1915 and 1920"


Peri Levine (Political Science)

"The German Response to the 2015 Refugee Crisis: The Intersection of Policy, Memory, and Morality"


Veronica Lloyd (Sociology)

"The Louisiana Scholarship Program and its Effects on School Choice"


Madeline MacLaughlin (Political Science)

"The Role of Republican Ideology in the Evolution of Citizenship and Nationhood in France"


Beatrice Manias (Political Science)

"Immigration as Foreign Policy: Refugees and Security During Times of War"


Theresa Martin (Political Science)

"Unlocking Reforms: What Factors Influence the Introduction of Criminal Justice Reform in State Legislatures?"


Michelle Martin (Spanish and Portuguese)

"El impacto de las redes sociales en la esfera política contemporánea: un análisis del referéndum de octubre 2017 para la independencia de Cataluña"


Abi Mbaye (Africana Studies)

"Black Women's Health: Disparities in Birth Outcomes"


Emily Meyer (Mathematics)

"Mathematical Model for Quantifying the Impact of Diabetes on Tuberculosis Outcomes"


Claire Namboodri (Public Health and Neuroscience)

"Abnormal Fear Memory in Mouse Models and Correlates to Pathological Stress in Incarcerated Persons"


Alisa Nelson (Public Health)

"Rodent-Borne Infections in Urban Areas: Tchoupitoulas Virus in New Orleans"


Sara Nethercutt (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

"An Analysis of the Relationship between Precipitation, Streamflow, and Salinity in Terrebonne Basin, Louisiana"


Lauren Nguyen (Sociology)

"Redefining Motherhood: The Experience of Caregivers During Maternal Incarceration"


Sandy Nguyen (Neuroscience)

"Membrane-Localized Glucocorticoid Receptor: Protein Interactions and Effects on Signaling"


Teresa O'Connell (Music)

"A Compositional Approach to the 'Children's Universe': Teaching Through Original Music"


Ozge Ilkim Ozbek (Linguistics)

"Ancient Whistled Language and its Modern Day Usage in Turkey"


Owen Parra (Neuroscience)

"Thymic Atrophy in Trauma-Exposed Mice Prone to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder"


Samantha Perry (Psychology)

"The Association between Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences and Mother-Child Physiological Synchrony"


Emily Jordan Phillips (Economics and Theatre & Dance)

"Earning the Applause: A New Orleans Case Study of 'Success' in the American Theatre"


Angelika Robertson (Sociology)

"Thinking Outside the Cell: Public Opinion towards Alternative Sentencing"


Shayna Ross (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

"Genetic Diversity and Structure of a Long-Lived Neotropical Palm in a Fragmented Landscape"


Theodore Rudic (Biological Chemistry)

"Synthesizing Fluorescent Sulfonamide Inhibitors of Carbonic Anhydrase for use in Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy"


Michael Russo (Art)

"'Europeanized and Precious': Cy Twombly and History in the Post-War Era"


Afsheen Sajjadi (Biomedical Engineering)

"Integration and Analysis of Configurable Lattice Geometry for Prosthetic Bone Morphology"


Maxwell Sandler (Cell and Molecular Biology)

"Characterization of Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) and Adipose Stem Cells (ASC) in Dercums Disease"


Claire Sentilles (Biomedical Engineering)

"Role of Macrophages in Remodeling of Vaginal Tissues Following Pelvic Organ Prolapse"


Harleigh Shaw (Art)

"Fleshy Resonance: Sound & the Body in Art"


Hope Slon (Political Economy)

"Argentina's Currency Board: Evolution and Collapse"


Alexis Smith (Political Science and Economics)

"All the Fairs, in Love and War: A Discussion and Analysis of the Perceived Decline of the World's Fair"


Connor Space (Economics)

"The Quantitative Effects of Citi Bike Implementation on Subway Use in New York City"


Hannah Stoller (Psychology)

"The Future of Journaling: Impact of Expressive Writing on Perceived Stress Level"


Mary Ashley Stough (Anthropology)

"Burns, Bones, and the Destruction of Tepe Hasanlu"


Steven Stradley (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)

"Characterizing the Effect of GαS on the Binding Affinity of the Adenosine A2A Receptor to Fluorescent Ligands"


Annie Thai (Sociology)

"Does Socioeconomic Status and Sex Affect the Relationship between Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Cognition? A Moderation Analysis from the Bogalusa Heart Study"


Kaitlyn Tholen (Neuroscience)

"Examining the Effects of Musicianship on the Relationship between Working Memory and Selective Attention"


Victoria Tiburzi (Sociology)

"Reproductive Cases Reviewed by the Supreme Court of the United States: A Minor's Right to an Abortion"


Carlo Vescovi (History)

"From the Fringe to the Mainstream: Intellectuals, Activists, and Politicians in Modern White Nationalist Movements"


Aubrey Wang (Economics)

"Intangible Capital, Leverage, and the Cross Section of Median Pay"


Emma Weisner (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

"Farming the City: A Comparison of Urban Agriculture in Detroit and New Orleans"


Kesley Williams (Public Health)

"A Comprehensive Evaluation and Recommendations for a Youth Peer Provider Sexual Health and Contraceptive Access Program in Nairobi, Kenya"


Samantha Woods (English)

"Imperfect Victims: #MeToo for Shakespeare's Characters in Measure for Measure"


Allison Woolverton (Political Economy)

"From Enterprise to Empire: The United Fruit Co. and Economic Development in Honduras"


Xiaoyu Yu (Linguistics)

"The Influence of Chendu Dialect and Standard Chineses on Chinese Learners' English Speech Sound Production: An Insight into Consonant Phonetics and Phonology"