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2019-2020 Honors Theses


Emily Ahmad (Communication)

"Identity Under Attack: How Local Media Representations Interact with Tensions between Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China"


Margaux Armfield (Environmental and Evolutionary Biology)

"Using Networks to Model Pollen Dispersal in a Tropical Palm"


Wasef Atiya (Philosophy)

"Ethical Consideration of Using Cognitive Enhancers in Competitive Academic Settings"


Josh Axelrod (English)

"Greetings From New Jersey: Mapping Literary Jersey"


Allison Babula (English)

"The Pacifist-Feminist: War and Gender in Woolf's Novels and Essay"


Darrah Fox Bach (Environmental Studies & Sociology)

"Getting Our Feet Wet: Socio-Spatial Dynamics of Flash Flooding in New Orleans and the Response of Neighborhood Organizations"


Emma Balkind (Psychology)

"Relationships Between Self-Regulation, Social Information Processing, and Negative Life Events in a Sample of Low-Income Preschoolers"


Spencer Barbera (Theatre Performance)

"Shedding Light on Modern Operating Room Misconceptions: An Examination of Semiotics in Kingsley's 'Men in White'"


John Carl Begley (Neuroscience)

"Differential Chloride Cotransporter Expression in Neuroendocrine Cells Following Osmotic Stress"


Derby Belser (Music Composition & English)

"How to Write the Perfect Christmas Song: A Study of the Aural Crystallization of the Ideas, Emotions and Practices Accompanying the Christmas Season"


Mary Berg (Political Economy)

"The Effects of State Gun Control Legislation on Intimate Partner Homicides of Women and Women of Color"


Nketiah Berko (Political Economy)

"From Confinement to Community: Comparing Juvenile Justice Approaches in New Orleans and Barbados"


Pawan Bhat (Biological Chemistry)

"Cases of F1-V and Ovalbumin"


Madeline Billeaud (Psychology)

"Perspective-Taking and College Students Perception of Sexual Harassment"


Robin Boch (Political Science)

"Media, Populism and Surprise Elections: The United States 2016 and France 2002 Presidential Elections"


Nicole Boggio (Sociology)

"Gender Similarities and Differences Within a Friends With Benefits Relationship"


Dylan Borne (Political Economy)

"Communists' China: US Marxist Visions of Anti-Imperialism in the 1970s and 1980s"


Jacob Broussard (Economics & Mathematics)

"A Game-Theoretic Look at Flagging on Social Media"


Alexis Bryan (Public Health)

"An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Food Literacy and Cooking Education Programming"


Raissi Bysiewicz (Political Science)

"Analyzing the Political and Economic Determinants of Effective Climate Change Mitigation Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions"


Andrew Cerise (History)

"The All-American: An Examination of the Political Career of Louisiana Congressman F. Edward Hebert"


Clayton Chamness (Chemical Engineering)

"Investigating the Efficacy of Cyclic Block Copolymers as Structure-Inducing Agents in Linear-Cyclic Block Copolymer Blends Via Dissipative Dynamics (DPD) Simulation"


Gregory Chauvin (Psychology & Economics)

"Education and Intergroup Attitudes and Behavior"


Yingting Chen (Anthropology)

"Looking Inside Soulful Creatures: Computed Tomography Applied to Ancient Mummies from the Tulane Egyptian Collection"


Yueqi Chen (Biochemistry)

"Exploring the Active Site Topology of Sweet Almond Beta-Glucosidase"


Maya Childs (Psychology)

“Examining Life Events, Racial Identity, and Outcomes on Substance Use in African American Adolescents"


Wendy Cohen (Political Science & International Relations)

"Stopping War Before It Starts: Civil War Prevention Methods and Real-World Applications"


Kevin Credo (Film Studies)

"Reluctant Saints: Roman Catholicism Through the Lens of Federico Fellini"


Alexandra D'Amico (Philosophy)

"The Politics and Ontology of Freedom in Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, and Simone Weil"


Claire Demorest (Political Science)

"The Parliament and the President: a Case Study of English and American Democracies, and the Systems of Representative Government in Nineteenth Century Reform"


Eva Dils (Political Economy)

"Race and Gender Identity Discrimination in Access to Mental Health Care: A Pilot Study"


Lauren Fleming (Psychology)

"Insightfulness as a Protective Factor to the Intergenerational Transmission of Adversity: Mother's Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Children's Self-Regulation"


Kendall Gardner (Political Science & International Relations)

"The Forever War: An Analytical Critique of U.S. Policy in Afghanistan"


Riana Gaudet (Psychology & French)

"Bilingual Handwriting Development"


Peyton Gibler (Biomedical Engineering)

"A Mechanical and Histological Analysis of Murine Patellar Tendon Healing"


Pavan Guduri (Philosophy)

"The Extracontractual, Non-Explicit Duties of the Athlete as They Relate to Interests of Third Parties"


Sarah Guillaume (Psychology)

"Social Support in the Context of Familial Arrest: A Phenomenological Study of Black Mothers' Perspectives"


Jonathan Gutmann (Linguistics & Spanish)

"Determing Word Length Through Context: A Cross-Linguistic Information-Theoretic Approach"


Sophie Guzikowski (Public Health)

"Bringing Health Care Back Home: Comparative Clinician Perspectives on Home-Based Primary Care"


Emily Hart (Economics)

"Meaningful Use: Clinicians' Quality Scores & Consumer Ratings In The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System"


Abigail Harty (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

"Conservation Challenges: A Case Study on the Sustainability of Black Rhinoceros (Diecros Bicornis) Translocations in Zimbabwe"


Olivia Henderson (English & Medieval and Early Modern Studies)

"'Like a Dull Actor I Have Forgot My Part': Coriolanus and Shakespearean Autism"


Ryan Herrschaft (Psychology & Public Health)

"Descriptive, Linguistic and Persuasive Features of Pro-Vaccine Measles Articles"


Grace Hindmarch (Public Health)

"Sex Partner Interpersonal Communication About Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) for the Treatment of Chlamydia Trachomatis"


Thomas Huang (Neuroscience)

"Elucidating the Impact of Fragile X Syndrome on SK Channels Found in the Principal Neurons of the Medical Nucleus of the Trapezoid Body"


Christian Hyde (Political Science)

"The Impact of Human Rights Prosecutions on Intrastate Conflict Termination"


Tanya Isaac (Public Health)

"Bacterial Community Analysis of Seven Polluted Lakes in Bangalore, India: The Foam Stops Here"


Isabella Johnson (Biomedical Engineering)

"Determining the Role of Clinical Factors in Pelvic Organ Prolapse"


Sarah Jones (Africana Studies)

"Domestic Workers in Post-Apartheid South Africa: the Impact of Minimum Wage Legislation on Domestic Workers in South Africa"


Rhea Kataria (Mathematics)

"Analyzing Stochastic Processes Over Epidemic Stages"


Katie Rose Kenawell (English)

All the Men I've Killed (A Novel)


Emily Kenward (Environmental Biology)

"War and Wildlife: the Deleterious Effects of Armed Conflicts on Biodiversity Hotspots and the Merits of Environmental Peacekeeping"


Macy Komnick (Neuroscience)

"Investigating the Effects of Treatment on Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery and Pathology"


Alexander LeFebvre (Political Science & International Development)

"Beyond Rivertown: a New Framework for Chester's Development"


Danielle Levie (Classics)

"A Golden Asp on a Silver Screen"


Jackson Levine (Biomedical Engineering & Neuroscience)

"The Effect of Low-to-Mid Intensity Ultrasound on the Rate of Axonal Growth in Rat Cortical Neurons as a Potential Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury"


Yiqi Liu (Economics)

"Local Government Debt, Urbanization, and the Housing Market in China: a Panel Data Analysis"


Riley Loria (Psychology)

"Parenting and Adverse Childhood Experiences"


Sarah Lueder (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

"Palm Community Diversity and Composition in a Tropical Human-Modified Landscape"


Colette McGarvey (Biomedical Engineering)

"Development of Small Volume Non-Contact Method for the Monitoring of Heparin Therapy"


Mostafa Meselhe (Biomedical Engineering & Neuroscience)

"Quantifying Neuronal Activity and Synaptic Transmission in 2D and 3D in Vitro Pain Models"


Peter Michalakes (Philosophy)

"After Quine and Carnap: In Favor of Epistemic Analyticity"


Kate Moranski (Art History)

"Visual Activism in the Photography of Carrie Mae Weems"


Isabel Morford-Cheibub (Political Science & International Relations)

"Friend or Foe? An Analysis of King Abdullah II's Attitude Towards Palestinian Jordanians, 1999-2019"


Dyllan Muller (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)

"Analyzing the Properties of CD264 Cells to Compare Ageing Mesenchymal Stem Cells"


Lucy Murray (Environmental Biology)

"Composition, Diversity and Ecological Characteristics of an Orb-Weaving Spider Community in Barataria Preserve, Louisiana Over a 19-Year Period"


Julia Nauman (Neuroscience & Psychology)

"Working Memory Load and Individual Differences on the Attention Capture Task"


Ashleigh Nave (Neuroscience)

"Phenotypic Differences of Male and Female Mice Adipose-Derived Stem Cells(mASCs) Under Acute Stress Conditions"


Autumn Nieves (Political Science & International Relations)

"Economic Development and the Implications for Environmental Conservation: A Case Study of Colombia and Ecuador"


Madeline Ninno (Economics)

"Remittances in El Salvador: Economic Decision-Making in Transnational Households"


Spencer Olesky (Neuroscience)

"The Effect of MMF Treatment on Cerebral Aneurysm Formation"


Chinwe Orie (Biomedical Engineering)

"Development of a Model to Assess Fluid Composition Using Acoustic Levitation"


Jae Eun (Janie) Park (Psychology)

"The Relation Among Intimate Partner Violence, Social Comparison Orientation, and Desire to Consume Alcohol"


Zoe Parkel (Political Science)

"The Intersection of Classism and Racism in Socially Constructing the 'Bad Mother' and How It Has Impacted Experiences of Maternal Incarceration"


Charlotte Pearson (Neuroscience)

"The Relationships Between Musical Complexity Preferences, Musical Aptitude and Executive Function"


Charlotte Pecot (Studio Art)

"Cultural Bias in Botanical Art"


Kennedy Pivnick (Philosophy)

"We Have No Right: Morality as the Product of a Market for Individual Preferences"


Yuan Qi (Economics)

"Factors Behind China's Persistently High Household Savings Rate: A Panel Data Analysis"


Emma Rogers (Biomedical Engineering)

"Bilayer Overtone Analysis for Measuring Protein and Ion Adsorption to Lipids"


James Rogers (Psychology)

"Delay of Gratification in Cancer Health"


Alex Schimmoller (Physics)

"Decoherence-Free Entropic Gravity: Model and Experimental Tests"


Daniel Seiler (English)

"Individual Rebellion: The Stranger, Invisible Man, and Coming Through Slaughter Through the Perspective of Camus's The Rebel"


Pritika Sharma (Anthropology)

"Wedding Bells and Tradition Sells: The Neoliberal Wedding Industry in New Delhi"


Jake Shulman (Political Science & International Relations)

"The Power of Sport: Evaluating the Impacts and Value of Mega Sporting Events"


Riley Sinnott (Biological Chemistry)

"High-Throughput Promotor Optimization for an Improved Biobutanol In Vivo Biosensor"


Isabella Smith (Public Health)

"The Impact of Expansion on Preventive Service Utilization by Louisiana's Traditional Medicaid Population"


Clifford Soloway (Sociology & Political Economy)

"No More Business as Usual: Shades of Social Justice Unionism Among Automobile Manufacturers and Service Industry Employees"


Ziyu Song (Theatre)

"Comparison of Funding Patterns of Theatre between the United Kingdom, China, and Japan"


Arjun Sree Manoj (Biomedical Engineering)

"Computational Modeling of Quantitative Deformability Cytometry"


Chase Stockwell (Business Management)

"A Discussion on Technology Start-up Founders: What do Successful Technology Leaders Do When They Face Tough Decisions"


Mary Tyler Storms (English)

"The Wise and Witty Women of Shakespeare's and Austen's Comedies"


Mary Catherine Stovall (Neuroscience)

"Effects of Estradiol on Tau Uptake in Cell Culture"


Kathleen Sway (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

"Hybrid Inviability Between the Fern-Leaved Monkeyflower and Three Other Species of the Mimulus Guttatus Species Complex"


Colin Threlkeld (Philosophy & Political Economy)

"Poverty, Property and the Non-specific Value of Freedom"


Liv Thurmond (Public Health & Economics)

"The Potential Impact of Paid Family Leave Policy on the Economic and Health Outcomes of Louisiana Mothers"


Daniela Torvalds Neuroscience)

"The Effect of Administration of Viral Vectors within the Postrhinal Cortex on Visual Discrimination Learning in Rats"


Leah Vaidya (Psychology)

"The Effects of Selective Attention and Socioeconomic Status on Science Knowledge Among 3-5 Year Olds"


Emma Van Wynen (English)

"Under the Gum Elemi and Other Essays"


Kaiyu Wang (Chemistry)

"Cogitating on Targeted Reaction and Salt-Specific Effect with Reactions in Quintessential Yoctoliter Spaces"


Helen Weierbach (Mathematics)

"Using Surrogate Models to Quantify Uncertainty in the Climate Response to Large Volcanic Eruptions"


Juharah Worku (Political Science & Africana Studies)

"I.C.E.'D OUT: The Criminalization of Immigration in the United States"


Matthew Wu (Political Science)

“Two Roads Diverged: Tracing the Different Paths of the American and British Welfare States Using a Values/Institutional-Moments Approach”


Stephanie Zhao (Biomedical Engineering)

"Conversion of a 3D Printer for Advanced Manufacturing of Living Nervous Tissues"


Yinghong Zhao (Sociology)

"First-Generation Chinese Immigrants in New Orleans: Investigating Stress, the Social Buffering System, and Health Outcomes"


Gabriella Zimbalist (Political Science)

"Dictatorship to Crisis of Democracy: A Chilean Case Study"