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Class of 2020 Senior Scholars Announced

Publication date

May 15, 2020 6:45 PM


Garrett Fontenot


Biological Chemistry

Pawan Bhat

"Biochemical and Biophysical Analysis of Model Antigens"

Yueqi Chen

"Exploring the Active Site Topology of Sweet Almond Glucosidase"

Riley Sinnott

"High-Throughput Promoter Optimization for an Improved Biobutanol in Vivo Biosensor"

Biomedical Engineering

Jackson Levine

"The Effect of Low-to-Mid Intensity Ultrasound on the Rate of Axonal Growth in Rat Cortical Neurons as a Potential Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury"

Colette McGarvey

"Development of Small Volume Non-Contact Method for the Monitoring of Heparin Therapy"

Stephanie Zhao

"Conversion of a 3D Printer for Advanced Manufacturing of Living Nervous Tissues"

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Dyllan Muller

"Analyzing the Properties of CD264+ and CD264- Cells to Compare Aging Mesenchymal Stem Cells"

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Kathleen Sway

"Identifying the Genetic Mechanism for Reproductive Isolation between Mimulus filicifolius and both Mimulus guttatus and Mimulus laciniatus"

Environmental Biology

Lucy Murray

"Composition, Diversity, and Ecological Characteristics of an Orb-Weaving Spider Community in Barataria Preserve, Louisiana, Over a 19-Year Period"


Jacob Broussard

"A Game-Theoretic Look at Flagging on Social Media"


Thomas Huang

"Impaired SK Channel Function in Principle Neurons of the Medial Nucleus of the Trapezoid Body in FMR 1 Knockout Mice"

Macy Komnick

"Investigating the Effects of Treatment on Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery and Pathology"


Alex Schimmoller

"Decoherence-Free Entropic Gravity: Model and Experimental Tests"


James Rogers

"Delay in Gratification in Cancer Health"

Gregory Chauvin

"Formal Education and Intergroup Behavior"



Africana Studies

Sarah Jones

"Domestic Workers in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Impact of Minimum Wage Legislation on Domestic Workers in South Africa"


Pritika Sharma

"Wedding Bells and Traditional Sells: The Neoliberal Wedding Industry in New Delhi"

Art History

Kate Moranski

"Visual Activism in the Photography of Carrie Mae Weems"

Art Studio

Charlotte Pecot

"Botanical Paintings as Reflections of Culture: How Beliefs and Motivations Inform Depictions of the Natural World"


Yuan (Alice) Qi

"Factors Behind China's Persistently High Household Savings Rate: A Panel Data Analysis"


Josh Axelrod

"Greetings from New Jersey: Mapping Literary Jersey"

Environmental Studies

Darrah Fox Boch

"Getting Our Feet Wet: Socioenvironmental Dynamics and Community Organizing in Repsonse to Intensified Flash Flooding in New Orleans"

Film Studies

Kevin Credo

"Reluctant Saints: Roman Catholicism through the Lens of Federico Fellini"

French and Italian

Riana Gaudet

"Bilingual Handwriting Development"


Andrew Cerise

"The All-American: A Historical Examination of the Political Career of Louisiana Congressman F. Edward Hebert"


Jonathan Gutmann

"Determining Word Length Through Context: A Cross-Linguistic Information-Theoretic Approach"


Derby Belser

"How to Write the Perfect Christmas Song: A Study of the Aural Crystallization of the Ideals, Emotions, and Practices Accompanying the Christmas Season"


Kennedy Pivnick

"We Have No Right: Morality as the Product of a Market for Individual Preferences"

Political Economy

Dylan Borne

"Communists' China: US Marxist Visions of Anti-Imperialism in the 1970s and 1980s"

Eva Dils

"Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Identity Discrimination in Access to Mental Health Care: A Pilot Study"

Political Science

Isabel Morford-Cheibub

"Friend or Foe? An Analysis of the Jordanian King Abdullah II's Attitude Towards the Palestinian Community in Jordan 1999-2019"

Jacob Schulman

"The Power of Sport: Evaluating the Impacts and Value of Mega Sporting Events"


Clifford Soloway

"No More Business as Usual: Shades of Social Justice Unionism Among Automobile Manufacturers and Service Industry Employees"


Jonathan Gutmann

"Determining Word Length Through Context: A Cross-Linguistic Information-Theoretic Approach"


Spencer Barbera

"Shedding Light on Modern Operating Room Misconceptions: An Examination of Semiotics in Kingsley's 'Men in White'"

Ziyu Song

"Comparison of Funding Patterns of Theatre between the United Kingdom, China, and Japan"



Ryan Herrschaft

"Descriptive, Linguistic, and Persuasive Features of Pro-Vaccine Measles Articles"

Isabella Smith

"The Impact of Expansion on Preventative Service Utilization by Louisiana's Traditional Medicine Population"



Chase Stockwell

"A Discussion on Technology Start-Up Founders: What do Successful Technology Leaders Do When They Face Tough Descisions?"