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The Honors curriculum introduces students to the academic life and various disciplines at the university, and helps them to develop an understanding of the research process as it is carried out within and across scholarly disciplines. 

Freshman Year- Fall Semester:

All students invited by the Office of Admission to join the Honors Program accept the offer by enrolling in ONE of the Fall semester courses. All three of these courses satisfy the Newcomb-Tulane College TIDES requirement.

COLQ 1010, Honors Great Books Colloquium: “How Should One Live?” (3 credits)
 - The Honors traditional great-books seminar, in which students and faculty instructors discuss major works of literature and philosophy that address questions fundamental to the human experience. Meets twice a week.

​COLQ 1020, Honors Colloquium: “Ways to Know” Faculty-led Seminars (1.5 credits)

TIDB 1010 or TIDB 1020, Honors Business TIDES (1.5 credits)

Freshman Year- Spring Semester:

To maintain affiliation with the Honors Program in the Spring semester, students must enroll in one of the following courses:

COLQ 1030, “The Quest for Answers: Intro to Research Methods” (1.5 credits)
This seminar seeks to help students develop an understanding of the intellectual landscape of the university. It also help students develop an understanding of the research process as it is carried out within and across scholarly disciplines, as well as the broad ethical implications of academic scholarship. Coursework involves readings on theoretical issues in academic scholarship as well as exercises and activities designed to help students identify areas of personal interest for future research and work in their field. Students will also learn about campus resources that facilitate and support undergraduate research.

TIDB 1110, Honors Business TIDES (1.5 credits)

Sophomore Year:

Students are not required but strongly encourage to take COLQ 2010 either in the Fall or the Spring semester of sophomore year:

COLQ 2010. Quest for Answers: Research Workshop (1.5 credits)
This seminar helps students develop — with faculty advice — their own scholarly and research directions. Special attention is paid to the identity and the role of work as well as the connections between research plans and study abroad opportunities. Also highlighted are honors thesis authors, post-baccalaureate plans, including applying for fellowships such as the U.S. Student Fulbright Program. Importantly, graduate and professional school applications are emphasized as well. 

Junior Year:

Students writing an Honors Thesis are strongly encouraged to take COLQ 4013. 

COLQ 4013. Honors Thesis Boot Camp: A Workshop to Develop your Honors Thesis Prospectus (Offered every Spring semester.)
This workshop is designed to help honors students prepare for the thesis they will write during their senior year, and to take best advantage of the resources available at Tulane.  The honors thesis is an opportunity to do original research on a topic of the student’s choosing and to write an outstanding thesis that best displays one’s skills in investigation, critical thinking, and communication.

Senior Year:

All students participating in the Honors Program are expected to write a thesis for scholarly honors in their major or majors. Honors Thesis courses are registered in the student's major department(s).
(Students are NOT required to be in the Honors Program in order to write a thesis. For more information on the thesis, click on the Honors Thesis tab and explore the links and pages given.)