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Honors Outside the Classroom: Creativity

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October 23, 2017 3:45 PM


Katie Fitzpatrick

Students explore NOMA.   Students at Preservation Hall.







      Students explore NOMA                                                               Students at Preservation Hall


The Honors' “Creativity” course for first year Honors students, not surprisingly, focuses on the creative process as a psychological tool that serves both artists and non-artists. To explore the phenomenon of creativity and how the creative process relates to the psychology of happiness, the instructors, Jenny Mercein, Assistant Professor, and Ryder Thornton, Professor of Practice, both in the Theatre and Dance Department, have led their students on excursions all over the city. At the start of the school year, students saw “Mondo-Bizarro: The Way at Midnight”, a theatrical performance that explores confrontations with losing and being lost from the colonial period through the digital age. Directed by Joanna Russo, the theater company's latest work is inspired by contemporary questions of migration and (dis)orientation.

Professor Mercein states,“The play, by this New Orleans company featured elements of audience participation. It was thrilling to see several of our "Creativity" students jump up and join the actors on stage!” In addition, October was filled with music and art. The month kicked off with a trip to Preservation Hall where students heard from the Legacy Band with Will Smith and the All Stars with Wendell Brunious. The audience was even treated to a surprise appearance from actor and former SNL cast member, Chevy Chase, who was in town enjoying the best New Orleans has to offer. For their mid-term assignment, students went to The New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park and were expected to choose a favorite painting and craft a term paper around it. As we delve into the next stretch of the semester, Tulane Honors students will continue to transverse the creative landscape that envelopes this great city with the guidance of two creative faculty members.