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The Inaugural Honors Thesis Forum

February 07, 2018 4:45 PM

Thesis Forum

The Inaugural Honors Thesis Forum is an opportunity for Senior Thesis writers to present their research and findings to the wider Tulane community, including fellow writers, younger Honors students, and faculty.  Presentations will vary in length and format, with a mixture of brief and extended, panel-style and individual, and lecture hall and classroom talks.  All thesis writers are encouraged, but not required, to take part, as an invaluable element of the Honors Thesis experience.


The 2018 Forum will take place between the writers’ oral defense in mid-April and the final date for submission of the project at the end of the month.  It will be divided into three evening sessions and an all-day event.  The dates are:

Tuesday, April 17, 5-8pm

Wednesday, April 18, 5-8pm

Thursday, April 19, 5-8pm

Sunday, April 22, 9am-3pm.

Family and friends from outside the university community are welcome.


The central aim of the Thesis Forum is to provide thesis writers a formal academic setting to talk about their projects.  Students who choose to write Honors Theses at Tulane devote an extraordinary amount of time and effort to developing their research during, and often-times before, their senior year.  The Forum will showcase the incredible projects they produce.  Thesis writers will also improve their presentation and expository skills through the experience.  In addition, the event will demonstrate to younger students the myriad possibilities that come from writing a thesis, inspiring them to work towards their own projects as they approach their senior year.  The Tulane Honors Program is excited to announce the first annual Honors Thesis Forum, as we seek to further the vibrant academic community at Tulane.