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Jean Danielson Scholarship Fund

“Dean Jean,” as Dr. Jean Danielson was affectionately known, devoted her career to teaching and mentoring Honors students as they sought challenging opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Dr. Danielson was an associate professor of political science and also directed the Honors Program for 14 years, spending countless hours counseling students and working on their behalf.

The Jean Danielson Memorial Scholarship Fund rewards outstanding Honors students with demonstrated financial need with grants for enrichment opportunities. To honor her legacy, every year, the Honors Program invites rising sophomore, junior, and senior Honors students who share Dr. Danielson’s commitment to living a life of purpose and intellectual vigor to apply for funds for a research or other field experience in the US or abroad. 

Applications are due in the Honors Program Office on March 18, 2020 by 4pm, and should include the following information:


UPDATE (3/12/2020): As a result of the University's move to online instruction and reduced on-campus operations in response to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, please email completed applications to Norah Lovell (nlovell@tulane.edu) by 4 pm CST on March 18, 2020.

UPDATE (3/13/2020): The deadline to submit applications to the Jean Danielson Memorial Scholarship Fund has been postponed to March 25, 2020.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding the deadline, please contact Norah Lovell at nlovell@tulane.edu.


1) Statement of Purpose - A statement of purpose of no more than 1000 words describing in detail your plan for research or another field experience in the United States or abroad in the summer of 2020. The statement should address:

a. A question or questions you hope to answer
b. Why the question or questions are important to you and to others
c. How your proposed project will help you to answer this question or questions
d. Your qualifications for this project
e. The project’s place in your Tulane education to this point
f. The project’s place in your plans for the future


2) Budget - A detailed budget that indicates projected costs for the research project or field experience, and sources of funding or support available to you to cover those costs (for example, a stipend from a paid internship, free housing, other Tulane departments, etc.). Up to $2,000 of budgeted expenses may be supported by the Danielson fund, and we ask that your budget clearly indicates where the program’s support would fill a gap in your budget. If your proposal involves a supervised activity (research or other field experience), a copy of correspondence with your potential supervisor that indicates an invitation to carry out research or participate in the field experience would be also be helpful to the reviewers.


3) References - The names, titles, and email addresses of three Tulane faculty members whom we may consult as references.


4) Résumé - A current résumé, including your contact information and relevant coursework and/or experience applicable to this project.


You can find this year's application HERE


Proposals will be evaluated based on: good standing in the Tulane Honors Program, soundness and seriousness of purpose, feasibility of the project, and eligibility for need-based financial aid (regardless of whether or not your studies are funded through a need-based scholarship). Honors program status and financial aid eligibility will be verified by the Honors Program. If you have any questions, please contact Norah Lovell whose information can be found on the Contact Us Page.