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Society Faculty | 2020-2021


Cultural Engagement Society

Wall Fellow: Dr. Karissa Haugeberg (History)

In the Cultural Engagement society, we’ll visit art and history museums, independent movie theatres, and attend live theater productions on and off-campus.

Some prospective events include a visit to the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), a trip to the WWII Museum, a private evening tour of the Newcomb Art Museum, and an outing to the Broad Theater. Depending on when events are scheduled in the city, the Society usually meets on afternoons or early evenings on Saturdays and Sundays.


Healthcare Innovations for the World Society

Wall Fellow: Dr. Carolyn Bayer (Biomedical Engineering)

The tools and technologies used in healthcare are often designed for well-resourced settings. In our society, we will explore how those technologies work (or don’t work) in the rest of the world, considering locations that may not have the same resources as we do in the USA, and considering the implications of healthcare tools and technologies designed for both diverse environments and diverse populations. We will explore innovations and innovators who are making contributions in this field. Conservation with faculty members at Tulane, discussion of inspiring stories of medical innovation, as well as online meetings with innovators in global health will provide topics for discussion of ways to incorporate design for all in healthcare.

Some prospective events include a visit to the Global Health Clinic, a screening of a movie on Rwanda zipline drone medicine deliveries, and a trip to the Mobile Medical Museum. Dr. Bayer will also facilitate several conversations on topics relevant to innovation in biomedical engineering for global health. Meeting time/days of this society will vary throughout the year.


Science in the City Society

Wall Fellow: Dr. Michelle Lacey (Mathematics)

In 2013, the Atlantic published an article entitled “The Big Comeback: Is New Orleans America's Next Great Innovation Hub?” New Orleans has, in fact, demonstrated a great commitment to innovation in the post-Katrina era, with organizations such as the Idea Village, the New Orleans BioInnovation Center, and Propeller providing opportunities and support for start-ups and burgeoning entrepreneurs. Even the public sector is involved, with New Orleans recently awarded an Innovation Delivery Team grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies to reduce the murder rate and increase employment opportunities for African-American males. So what does all this innovation mean for the community? Can New Orleans become the hub of entrepreneurship in the South? Can technology and fresh thinking improve education, health care, and infrastructure for our city? We’ll hear from some of the key players, listen to some pitches, and learn about initiatives to transform New Orleans from the City that Care Forgot to a mecca for young professionals with big ideas.

Some prospective events include the Innovation Louisiana Conference, PitchNOLA at Propeller, and events at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. Meeting time/days of this society will vary throughout the year depending on the schedule of events in the city.


Sustainable Solutions Society

Wall Fellow: Dr. Jordan Karubian (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Fires in the Amazon. Pollutants in the air and water. Endangered species on the brink. Many feel concern about these and other examples of environmental degradation, along with a sense of helplessness: what can we do, as individuals and collectively, to reverse this downward spiral? The Sustainable Solutions Society offers students a vehicle for positive societal change focused on environmental issues. Society members will deepen their understanding of the drivers and consequences of environmental change. This requires an interdisciplinary approach spanning the full academic spectrum, from natural and social sciences to medicine, law, public health, fine arts and gender studies, among others.  Society members will also have the opportunity to make a real-world impact. Society members will form cross-disciplinary teams and develop strategies to promote positive outcomes, then implement their projects with mentorship from faculty, graduate students, and community partners. Through their participation in Sustainable Solutions Society, members will develop a deeper understanding of the complexities that underlie contemporary environmental issues and the concrete actions that can me taken to improve conditions.

Prospective events include dinner discussions with leading academics and practitioners working on environmental themes and hands-on projects exploring lead contamination in New Orleans.


Gray Matter Society

Wall Fellow: Dr. Gary Dohanich (Psychology/Neuroscience)

The human brain has a hundred billion neurons interlinked by a hundred trillion connections, relaying trillions more electrical and chemical signals during each second of your life. Out of this vast communication web emerges your every movement, sensation, urge, thought, decision, and dream. Today, there is no more exciting field than the study of the brain and its impact on our behaviors. The Gray Matter Society provides Wall Scholars with the opportunity to learn more about the fields of Neuroscience and Psychology as thriving sciences and potential career paths. Monthly events are led by faculty members and focus on a variety of brain-related questions such as (1) What do Neuroscience and Psychology tell us about the best strategies for studying and learning? (2) How do psychoactive drugs influence our brains and our behaviors? (3) What biological factors underlie psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder? In addition, guest faculty members provide valuable guidance for Scholars in planning their majors and future careers in academia, medicine, and other fields.

Prospective events include a tour of a neuroscience research laboratory, a discussion of psychoactive drugs, and an exploration of strategies for deeper learning. This society will meet on Tuesday or Thursday in the late afternoon.


World Languages and Cultures Society

Wall Fellow: Dr. Charles Mignot (French & Italian)

The World Languages and Cultures Society gives students the opportunity to discover new languages and cultures, to meet international faculty member and students, to practice their foreign language skills, and to develop their intercultural competence. The Society will hold monthly events that will put a different country and language in the spotlight. Each event will start with a general introduction to the culture and language of a country and will be followed by a social gathering where society members will meet and interact with faculty members and students from this country. The countries and languages will be: France & French; Morocco & Arabic; Nigeria & Yoruba; China & Chinese; Mexico & Spanish. Meeting time/days of this society will vary throughout the year.


Life and Death in New Orleans Society

Wall Fellows: Dr. Emily Harville and Dr. Jeanette Gustat (Epidemiology)

Tulane was founded as a medical school. How have medicine and public health affected New Orleans? How does New Orleans' history, location, and culture affect the health issues of the city? This society will address health in New Orleans from a medical, public health, and historical perspective. We’ll focus on visiting places around New Orleans with medical and public health significance, such as the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, the Carville Leper Colony, the Tulane Medical School, the yellow fever chapel and cemeteries, and the Culinary Medicine center. Some field trips will be on Saturday or late afternoon during the week.


Books and Reading Society

Wall Fellow: Dr. Michael Kuczynski (English)

This society conducts two book-related events/term, such as a Graveyard Poets reading in the fall and a formal dinner with a Tulane Creative Writing professor in the spring. The society also assists in the coordination of book related events in the English Department (e.g. the annual Ferguson Lecture) and across campus. We also gather less formally for discussions of books that the members are currently reading, either curricularly or extracurricularly. Some prospective events include a graveyard poet’s reading and a formal dinner with a creative writing professor. Meeting time/days of this society will vary throughout the year.


Art and Art History Society

Wall Fellow: Dr. Michelle Foa (Art History)

The Art and Art History Society is a great opportunity to become more involved in the arts on campus and in New Orleans. We'll take trips to museums, galleries, and art events in the city, meet with curators and conservators for behind-the-scenes looks at works of art, and get to know the local contemporary art scene by meeting with artists, visiting their studios, and participating in artist-led workshops.  Over the course of the year, we'll also have discussions organized around lectures on campus and in the city by world-renowned curators, art historians, and artists. Meeting time/days of this society will vary throughout the year depending on the schedule of events throughout the city.


Get Engaged! Civics and Politics Society

Wall Fellow: Dr. Brian Brox (Political Science)

This society will focus on politics, civics, and community engagement. If you are interested in campaigns, public policy, the media, or getting involved in politics, this society is for you. This year we will meet once or twice a month to discuss topics such as upcoming elections, campus political involvement, the news/social media/fake news, and ways to get engaged in the community. Join this society to get involved and make our campus and community a better place. Some prospective events include discussions on current events moderated by Dr. Brox, a simulation of the Iowa Caucuses, discussions of the 2020 presidential nominations, and discussions on the politics of Mardi Gras. Meeting time/days of this society will vary throughout the year.