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Honors Professor of the Year

Each year, Newcomb-Tulane College selects a member of the faculty for this award based on nominations from graduating students in the Honors Program. The Honors Professor of the Year is recognized for contributing substantially and positively to students’ education by challenging them, exciting their interest in a particular subject, and encouraging them to engage with important questions in the discipline. The award also recognizes faculty for their contributions to the Honors Program through teaching colloquia, advising theses, mentoring summer research, serving on scholarship/fellowship committees, and/or involvement with the Honors Residential Learning Communities.

Cynthia Ebinger, 2020-2021

Gary Dohanich, 2019-2020

Jana Lipman, 2018-2019

Christopher Rodning, 2017-2018

J. Celeste Lay, 2016-2017

Richard Campanella, 2015-2016

Donata Henry, 2014-2015

Brian Brox, 2013-2014

Benjamin Hall, 2012-2013

Janet Ruscher, 2011-2012

Christopher Fettweis, 2010-2011

John Howard, 2009-2010

Jeffrey Tasker, 2008-2009

Mark Vail, 2007-2008

Jonathan Pritchett, 2006-2007

David Mullin, 2005-2006

Justin Wolfe, 2004-2005

James Kilroy, 2003-2004

Dennis Kehoe, 2002-2003

Andrea Talentino, 2001-2002

David Hurley, 2000-2001

Ha Semenick Alam, 1999-2000

Edgar O'Neal, 1998-1999

David Clinton, 1997-1998

Erik Ellgard, 1996-1997

Molly Rothenberg, 1995-1996

Arnold Gerall, 1994-1995

Stuart Bamforth, 1993-1994

Kenneth Harl, 1992-1993

Rebecca Mark, 1991-1992

Joan Bennett, 1990-1991

Valerie Greenberg, 1989-1990

George Bernstein, 1988-1989

Jean Danielson, 1987-1988

Michael Zimmerman, 1986-1987

Sylvia Frey, 1985-1986

Lawrence Powell, 1984-1985

Henry Mason, 1984-1985