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Honors Thesis Reception

Each year, this reception recognizes the accomplishments of our graduating Honors Thesis writers throughout Newcomb-Tulane College's five schools. At the reception, all thesis writers receive departmental honor cords to wear with their Commencement regalia, and Senior Honors Scholars will be announced and recognized with special pins. Honors also announces the Honors Professor of the Year.


2021 Program



Senior Honors Scholars

Departments across the five schools select one or two students as a Senior Honors Scholar, those who wrote the very best Honors Thesis and made significant contributions to their field of study. 


A.B. Freeman School of Business

Department of Finance
Grace Amandes, 'Tue Rationale Behind and Consequences of Diversifying Company Operations: An Analysis Of The Woodlands, Texas Project"

Thesis Director: Michael Wilson

Department of Marketing 
Katie Chapin, "Social Media Censorship: The Impact Filtering Information Has on the Well-Being of Users and Online Businesses"

Thesis Director: Michael Wilson


School of Architecture

Anna Deeg, "Parameters for a Degrowth Architecture: Subverting the Socio-Ecological Spatial Conditions of the Capitalist-Growth Regime"

Thesis Director: Judith Kinnard


School of Liberal Arts

Department of Anthropology
Renee Trepagnier, "Death is Only the Beginning: Gender Identity and Personhood in Pre- and Protopalatial Minoan Mortuary Landscapes" Anthropology and Classical Studies

Thesis Co- Directors: Christopher Rodning and Emilia Oddo

Department of Art History
Reina Protzel, "The AIDS Epidemic in the United States: The Artistic Response"

Thesis Director: Michael Plante

Department of Art Studio
Jimena Padilla Pineda, "Conversations with Gen Z"

Thesis Director: Sean Fader

Department of Asian Studies 
Alexandria Leland, "Navigating The Internet Public in China: A Case Study of Fang Fang's Wuhan Diary"

Thesis Director: Hongwei Thorn Chen

Department of Classical Studies
Sarena Matriano Lim, "The Intersection of Medicine and Ritual in Q Serenus' Liber Medicinalis"

Thesis Director: Thomas Frazel

Renee Trepagnier, "Death is Only the Beginning: Gender Identity and Personhood in Pre- and Protopalatial Minoan Mortuary Landscapes" Anthropology and Classical Studies

Thesis Co- Directors: Christopher Rodning and Emilia Oddo

Aaron Yu, "The King of Medicine- Galen vs Erasistratus: Dissecting the Rhetorical Aspect of Ancient Anatomy & Physiology"

Thesis Director: Michael Brumbaugh

Department of Communication
Lucy Rice, "Maybe She's Crazy: Creating Character Ambiguity through the Melodramatic  Mode"

Thesis Director: Eric Herhuth

Department of Economics
Emma Brick-Hezeau, "Detecting Subtle Discrimination in a Mental Health Access Study," Economics and Linguistics

Thesis Co- Directors: Patrick Button and Harry Howard

Grace Slapak, 'Tue Effect of Judicial Selection Method on Juvenile Incarceration," Economics and Social Policy & Practice

Thesis Co- Directors: Patrick Testa and Camilo Leslie

Department of English
Lauryn Aviles*, "Colored: A Discussion of Black Self­ Reference Leading Up to the Civil War"

Thesis Director: Ed White

Department of German
Meghan Crowley, "Performing Cultural Unity: German Cultural Diplomacy Abroad During The Period Of Reunification," German and Political Science

Thesis Co- Directors: Andre Schuetze and Christina Kiel

Department of History
Callie Belback, "Across the Waves: U.S. Cold War Radio Propaganda to Cuba, 1960-1990"

Thesis Director: Jana Lipman

Alex Tighe, "National Catholicism and the Cult of Death: Hagiographical Pamphlets from Spain, 1937-1957" History and Spanish

Thesis Co-Directors: James Boyden and Brittany Kennedy

Department of Linguistics
Emma Brick-Hezeau, "Detecting Subtle Discrimination in a Mental Health Access Study," Economics and Linguistics

Thesis Co- Directors: Patrick Button and Harry Howard

Department of Music
Maddie Grills, "Nova: Creating a Score for an Imaginary Film"

Thesis Director: Barbara Jazwinski

Department of Philosophy
Dean Dante, "Pseudo-Cartesian Dualism: Mind, Body, Consciousness and Kim's Pairing Problem"

Thesis Director: Kevin Morris

Department of Political Economy
Claire Wynne, "Reproductive Health Impacts of State-Led Movements to De- Fund Abortion: A Systematic Analysis of the Importance of Publicly Funding Family Planning Programs"

Thesis Director: Mary Olson

Department of Political Science
Abigail Bean, "The Women of ISIS: Theorizing Justice, Gender and Terrorism"

Thesis Director: Izabela Steflja

Department of Sociology
Christina McCarthy, "The Birds, the Bees, and Oocyte Preservation: The Debate Surrounding a Woman's Decision to Freeze Her Eggs"

Thesis Director: Katherine Johnson

Department of Spanish
Krishna Navaratnam, "Naci6n, Genera y Violencia: Un Analisis de la Evoluci6n de los Narcocorridos por los Tigres del Norte"

Thesis Director: Marilyn Miller

Department of Theatre
Benjamin Davis, "How to Make a Feature Film for $25,000"

Thesis Director: Victor Holtcamp


School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Department of Public Health
Benton Meldrum, "A Discussion and Evaluation of Medicare and Medicaid and Their Coverage of LGBTQ Individuals in the United States," Public Health and Political Science

Thesis Co- Directors: Susan Hassig and Scott Nolan

Paige Montfort, "Healthcare Access for Migrant & Seasonal Farmworkers (MSFW) in the U.S. and Canada" Public Health and Political Science

Thesis Co- Directors: Eva Silvestre and Ruth Carlitz

Sydney Sheffield, "An Investigation of Families' and Providers' Experiences and Support Needs Following Perinatal Loss"

Thesis Director: Alyssa Lederer


School of Science and Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Nicholas Harris, "Impact of the G Protein-coupled Estrogen Receptor on Endothelial Derived Arterial Stiffening"

Thesis Director: Sarah Lindsey

Max Kerensky, "Nerve-on-a-Chip Bioprinting and Hydro gel Optimization"

Thesis Director: Michael Moore

Mary Pwint, "Development of an Agent-Based Model of SARS-CoV-2-Induced Lung Damage"

Thesis Director: Kristin Miller

Department of Cell & Molecular Biology
Katherine Byrnes, "The Role of microRNA24 in Ocular Fibrosis"

Thesis Director: Shusheng Wang

Department of Chemistry
Kaiyu Wang, "Reactions in Yocto-liter Spaces"

Thesis Director: Bruce Gibb

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Samantha Hilburn, "Investigating Seismic Anisotropy Beneath the Gulf Coast Passive Margin with Shear Wave Splitting Analysis"

Thesis Director: Cynthia Ebinger

Olivia Boraiko, "Characterizing the Flow Regime Of Ephemeral Streams In The Southwestern USA Using Stream-Gaging Data''

Thesis Director: Nicole Gasparini

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Margaret Conrad, 'Tue Genetic Architecture Controlling Leaf Shape In Mimulus laciniatus And M. guttatus In Comparison To The Qyantitative Trait Loci That Control Leaf Lobing"

Thesis Director: Kathleen Ferris

Department of Engineering Physics
Brittany Simone, "Portable and Cost-Efficient All­ Dielectric Metasurface Based Refractive Index Sensor and Biomarker Detector''

Thesis Director: Matthew Escarra

Department of Environmental Biology
Caraline Miller, "Biotic and Abiotic Factors Mediating Coastal Elevation"

Thesis Director: Emily Farrer

Department of Mathematics
Addie Duncan, "Prime Divisibility of the Catalan Numbers and Related Sequences"

Thesis Director: Victor Moll

Riley Juenemann, "Differentiating Between Diffusive Movement Patterns in Single Particle Tracking Experiments"

Thesis Director: Scott McKinley

Department of Neuroscience
Erin Bender, "Race and Reciprocity: an fMRI Study Using the Trust Game"

Thesis Director: Paul Colombo

Isabel Riccio, "Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Signaling Pathway Alteration in Brain Microvessel oflntrauterine Growth Restricted and Preeclamptic Mice"

Thesis Director: Suttira Intapad

Department of Psychology
Emily Nestel, "Absenteeism and Students' Perceptions of School Safety''

Thesis Director: Courtney Baker

Katy Patton, "Reaching Patterns in the Mirror''

Thesis Director: Jeffrey Lockman

Destiny Stafford, "Handwriting, Looking Behavior, and Numerical Development"

Thesis Director: Jeffrey Lockman

Honors Thesis Writers

Newcomb-Tulane College congratulates the following students on the successful completion of their Honors Theses.


School of Liberal Arts

Brooke Benjamin, Political Science

Evan Bennett, Economics

Katherine Cartiglia, Political Economy

Emily Cohen, Spanish and Political Science

Jered Davidson, Political Science

Rory Davis, History

Kyla Denwood, Political Science

Alexander Eisenberg, Music Performance

Carrigan English, Political Science and Communication

Kira Goeking, Political Science

Lindsay Hardy, Art History

Julia Hark, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Rachel Kirkwood, English

Kate Kushner, Political Science

Joshua Levine, Political Economy

Sophie Lieber, Anthropology

Janna Mangasep, Political Economy

Riley Moran, Political Science

Sanika Nanda, Political Science

Andrew Noorani, History

Jonathan Ogawa, Economics

Yael Pasumansky, Political Science and Philosophy

Lucy Reynal, Political Science

Kate Rose, Political Economy

Emily Ross, Political Science

Trejon Shelton, Political Science

Miranda Sinsheimer, Political Science

Emily Thompson, English

Timothy Wang, Music

Jacob Winch, English*

Lydia Woolley, English


School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Fiona Kennedy, Public Health*

Amy Vertacnik, Public Health*


School of Science & Engineering

Caroline Camus, Environmental Biology

Lewis Greenstein, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Jared Imber, Cell & Molecular Biology NikitaJhangiani, Cell & Molecular Biology

Joshua Linhuber, Cell & Molecular Biology

Erin Sheehy, Environmental Biology

Melanie Smith, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Gabrielle Windsor, Cell & Molecular Biology


*December 2020 graduate

Honors Professor of the Year

Each year, Newcomb-Tulane College selects a member of the faculty for this award based on nominations from graduating students in the Honors Program. The Honors Professor of the Year is recognized for contributing substantially and positively to students' education by challenging them, exciting their interest in a particular subject, and encouraging them to engage with important questions in the discipline. The award also recognizes faculty for their contributions to the Honors Program through teaching colloquia, advising theses, mentoring summer research, serving on scholarship/fellowship committees, and/or involvement with the Honors Residential Learning Communities.

Honors Professor of the Year 2021

Dr. Cynthia Ebinger, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


View Previous Professors of the Year