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Undergraduate Teaching Fellows

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows are Honors students who serve as teaching assistants to faculty members teaching the required Colloquium 1030 course, "The Quest for Answers." In these positions, these students are able to offer valuable guidance and perspectives to the instructors and to the first-year students, having taken the Colloquium during their own first-year coursework.

Honors Program Outcomes

Honors Colloquia give students an enhanced educational experience beyond the demands of their majors or other requirements by offering perspectives that transcend the scope of individual departments or disciplines. Students in Honors Colloquia are held to a higher standard of intellectual curiosity, informed discourse, and independent thinking. These courses expect students to take an active role in shaping their own educational paths. Through Honors Colloquia, students develop connections with faculty and other students to foster a community of intellectual engagement.

Honors Colloquium 1030: The Quest for Answers

The goal of this course is to introduce students to different ways in which the pursuit of knowledge is carried out within and across scholarly disciplines. Students will learn about and examine the purpose and processes of academic research; examine various forms of academic research to appreciate the similarities and differences in questions and methods of scholarship; study the organization of knowledge and the role of the scholarly communities. Students will also learn about the implications of research on governance, policy, and practice.

Undergraduate Teaching Fellow Program Outcomes

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows work closely with the Honors Program and Honors Colloquia faculty to model full participation in the intellectual life of the university. Fellows demonstrate leadership to first-year students in the Colloquia and offer additional perspectives on course content, while facilitating engagement with the academic community. They also have the opportunity to pursue individual goals and build skills in teaching, tutoring, oral and written communication, and organizing social events depending on their interests.

Undergraduate Teaching Fellow Program Expectations

Weekly: Fellows are expected to attend all class meetings prepared to discuss assigned readings, help first year students make connections to other texts and discussions, meet with course instructors as needed outside of class, and keep a journal.

Over the semester: Fellows are expected to attend monthly meetings with other teaching fellows and the Honors Program, contribute to the Honors newsletter, provide support for the Honors Thesis Forum in April, meet with 1030 students outside of class, and write self-evaluations at the midterm and the final.