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Wall Residence Hall

Two students study on the Wall Breezeway
Students Studying in the Wall Breezeway

Wall Residence Hall is Tulane’s first-year Honors residence. It offers its residents a unique combination of community and intellectual involvement. Wall is also home to a faculty member and his or her family. This faculty member in residence will help the college residents to become more engaged in the intellectual and social activities at the University.

Faculty-in-Residence: Izabela Steflja, Professor of Practice, Political Science


Wall Societies 

The faculty-led Societies, each of which has a specific theme or area of focus, help foster community among students and create the opportunity for informal interactions between faculty members and students with the support of the Resident Advisors.  Past Societies have taken students off campus to explore local and regional issues relevant to the New Orleans community, and sought to introduce students to opportunities for leadership and innovation in the local community.

Wall Societies 2019-20

Books and Reading Society
Wall Fellow: Mike Kuczynski, Associate Professor and Departmental Chair, English

Healthcare Innovations for the World Society
Wall Fellow: Carolyn Bayer, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Gray Matter Society
Wall Fellow: Gary Dohanich, Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience

Sustainable Solutions Society
Wall Fellow: Jordan Karubian, Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Life and Death in New Orleans Society
Wall Fellow: Emily Harville, Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology

Science in the City: Innovation in New Orleans
Wall Fellow: Michelle Lacey, Associate Professor, Math

Get Engaged! Civics and Politics Society
Wall Fellow: Brian Brox, Associate Professor, Political Science

World Languages and Cultures Society
Wall Fellow: Charles Mignot, Professor, French and Italian

Cultural Engagement Society
Wall Fellow: Karissa Haugeberg, Assistant Professor, History

Art and Art History Society
Wall Fellow: Michelle Foa, Associate Professor, Art History

For detailed descriptions of the Wall Societies, click here

More information on each of the Wall Fellows can be found here.

“What is College For?” 

This series of talks and discussions, moderated by the faculty member in residence, seeks to give students a more sophisticated understanding of the opportunities available to them at Tulane. It includes, for example, a discussion of academic majors and the relationship between the choice of major and career interests; an introduction to campus resources, centers, and institutes; and panels on study abroad programs.  We also use this program to introduce an enhanced form of career exploration, including discussion of post-baccalaureate scholarships and other opportunities available in future years.